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For buildings of the same name in other Tropico games, see Motel.

Motels are cheap accommodation for 5 Tourist Couples. The Service Quality can be very low; which makes them less desirable then other Accommodations.


Auto 100% occupancy: "Adjust the fee automatically for 100% occupancy."
Auto 75% occupancy: "Adjust the fee automatically for 75% occupancy."
Auto 50% occupancy: "Adjust the fee automatically for 50% occupancy."
Manual fee: "Adjust the fee manually."


Must have an employee for a guest to 'check-in'. Loss of employee or pregnancy may cause 0 for worker skill. Service Quality=15~65 for beauty under Motel, plus 0~40 for employee skill. Avatar visit bonus effect only effects new arrivals while the 'Sun disk' is active. Whatever Fee rate tourist pays is locked in upon arrival, so changes won't effect current guests. This can make tracking individual tourist cash flow near impossible with 'auto occupancy' modes.

@ 100% mode:
Guest fees for the vacation time is 1 year(12 months+travel time to Lodging). 1~5 times Spending Limit, 5 requiring high Beauty and good worker skill level. Multiplier is dependant mostly on Beauty under Motel. Once their stay time expires they no longer pay rent, but will occupy the slot until they can 'check-out'. Due to their quirky Garage use behavior it may take up to a year to check-out. Higher Fees can be acheived with 75% & 50% modes. Manual mode is an option; Fee based on Spending Limits(0-50), tends to be less profitable and/or more hastling.

Trash and trash-cans may appear.

In-Game Text


"The Motel is a place of dubious reputation. The local guests are bikers, truckers and roach-exterminators. If the manager isn't one Norman Bates or his mother, you can give this cheap hotel a try; at your own risk of course!"


"Ugly, cheap and polluting low-class tourist accommodation."


While you have an abundance of Tourist slots you can designate a Motel for low spending limit couples. Use Manual mode and set it to $5 or whatever will maintain a profit margin, other Lodgings will require simular micro-management. The auto modes tend not to work well with multiple Tourist Ports; tourist being assigned more by proximity or distance which may lower Fees undesirabily. Shrug, can get too complex, so maybe auto modes only could be less hassling.

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