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Tropico 4: Modern Times is an expansion pack for Tropico 4, released in stores on April 3 2012[1] and on Steam on March 29 and is also available on the Xbox marketplace for 1200 Microsoft points.

The expansion pack projects El Presidente and Tropico into the 21st century, allowing for modern buildings, edicts, and a "third sector" economy (insurance businesses, banks, services, etc.).

New Features

  • Extended game timeline beyond the Cold War era into the 21st century and near future.
  • 30 new buildings including skyscrapers, housing, and resource buildings such as borehole mines, organic ranches and biofarms.
  • The ability to "modernize" obsolete buildings.
  • 10 new "Modern Times" edicts.
  • New single player campaign including 12 scenarios.
  • Space exploration projects that can benefit you in various ways. 
  • A timeline feature to study Tropico's history, see what historical events will happen in the future, and unlock advanced buildings at particular dates.


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