Modern Apartment

Modern apartment.png

Modern apartments are residential buildings in Tropico 5.

They are unlocked in the Modern Times and require research. They are tied with tenement's with the most available at 16.

They are first made available to players in the Modern era as an improved alternative to the Apartments building for housing. The modern apartment requires the research Inferiority Complex to be discovered before they can be built.

Options Edit

  • Tight Quarters: Allows 4 additional families to squeeze into the building by making the rooms much smaller, further decreasing the building's housing quality.
  • Building Models: Before building a Modern Apartment players can choose four variants of the apartment building by selecting "next" or "previous". This is purely aesthetic and does not impact it's capacity.

Upgrades Edit

  • Luxury Apartments- For $1,500 the Modern Apartment can be converted to luxury apartments allowing families to live in luxurious comfort in penthouses, starts consuming an additional 20 MW of power but increasing housing quality by 15.

Mechanics Edit

  • Menu Text: Provides housing for 16 families.
  • Description:
  • Base Housing Quality:
  • Tight Quarters Upgrade Housing Quality:
  • Crime: +7
  • Beauty +25
  • Pollution: Radius 10 tiles


  • Unlike Apartments, Modern Apartments do not benefit from being placed next to a road.
  • Tropicans can occassionally be seen taking the elevator up and down the side of the building.

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