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Tropico 6 Missions

Unlike the rest of the Tropico installments, Tropico 6 does not have a campaign, but instead has a series of missions not related to each-other, covering different aspects of the game. You unlock more missions by completing a set number of the missions you already have. In the mission selection menu, each mission sidebar will show the map of the corresponding mission, the mission title, a brief description of the mission's events, the era, custom rules if there are any, and the difficulty selection with easy, medium, and hard.


Penultimo of the Caribbean

You start the mission with $80,000, 75 Population, and 100% approval (Eras: Colonial)

This is the first doable mission of the Tropico 6 missions, and serves as a introductory mission, though it is most likely expected of players to complete the tutorials before beginning this mission (the same applies to all missions). The mission will begin with Lord Roger Wyndham introducing himself and asking you (okay, demanding you) to build a Sugar Plantation. After the sugar plantation has been built, Lord Roger Wyndham will tell you to build a Rum Distillery (Note that these tasks can get you a mandate extension or cash for the treasury, and since you start with a good amount of money, it is recommended that you accept the mandate extension). After you build the Rum Distillery, Wyndham will tell you to build Teamster Ports on the 3 islands that are not the island with the Palace on it. Shortly after you are given this quest, Penultimo makes his appearance, and will then give you the objective of having a Coconut Harvester and at least 1 Teamster Port with the Deck Hands upgrade. Right after this, Sofia Ortega will make her appearance and give you the task of having a Gold Mine, and a Pirate Cove, as well as completing the Goldsmuggle raid (This mission will get you +5 Revolutionaries Standing). After this, normal tasks from the Revolutionaries and The Crown will begin appearing. After completing Penultimo's task, Lord Roger Wyndham will complain about how he ended up as a lowly representative because of coconuts, suggesting that he is allergic to coconuts. After that, you will receive an optional quest from Lord Roger Wyndham involving building a Logging Camp "(B)efore they make those ghastly coconuts". Soon after, you will get another optional quest from Lord Roger Wyndham, involving you building a Fisherman's Wharf and a Teamster's Office. After completing that optional quest, you get another one from Wyndham, this time asking you to build a Lumber Mill and export 4950 Planks. Shortly after you accept the Planks quest, Pirate Penultimo will give you the task of delivering 100 gold to the Pirate Cove. Shortly after the Gold quest, the Goldsmuggle raid will be finished, therefore finishing Sofia Ortega's first quest. After this, Penultimo will present his plan to you, which involves having a Coconut Harvester, having at least 1 Gold Mine with the Secret Protocol work-mode, having an active Export trade route for "Goldnut" (Gold inside Coconut), and exporting 150 "Goldnut". After completing this quest, Wyndham will take note of the dockworkers struggling to lift coconuts (goldnuts) and will begin to get suspicious, but then says "Never mind". Penultimo will then tell you to be careful regarding Wyndham. Wyndham will then tell you to build a Theater, and will give the Theater Blueprint, as well as 8 immigrants (You immediately get the blueprint, you get immigrants after quest is completed). After the theater is built, Penultimo will tell you that it is time to go to the theater, and he acknowledges that it is probably a trap, and shares that he was the one who handed Wyndham the coconut canape that swelled his allergies and got him demoted. When you visit the theater, you wake up from your slumber to discover that Penultimo got shot multiple times, and you will be given the choice to praise the staging, wake up irritated, or help Penultimo (the morally correct one is helping Penultimo). After this little incident (Penultimo survives), Sofia Ortega acknowledges that Penultimo is a national hero, and declares that preparations for independence must be made, and tells you to build 3 guard towers for 10 revolutionary immigrants. After the guard towers are built, Penultimo gives you the option of trying to reach 55 Food Happiness, 35 Faith Happiness, or 55 Liberty Happiness to win the support of the people in preparation for independence. After this, you just have to proclaim independence to win the whole mission. After this, you will also get a optional quest to build a fort. After you proclaim independence by either bribing the crown with $15,000 or surviving a 2-squad attack from the crown, Sofia Ortega will express her delight, and you will have won the mission.