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The Modern Times (Tropico 4) expansion features 12 new missions. The missions place you in charge of different islands, each with its own scenario and goals to accomplish.

The sections below may contain spoilers. Only read them as a last resort.

Campaign Missions


State of Emergency

  • Island: Isla de Sentencia
  • Starting Year: 1957
  • Synopsis: After leaving Penultimo in charge and going on vacation for a year, the presidente returns to find the world in crisis and Tropico ruined by Penultimo's incompetence.
  • Strategy:

Having burned all of the island's farms to the ground to starve the rebels, Penultimo is glad to see the presidente return to power and is quick to put the building of 6 new farms on the agenda. Once completed, he realizes that there are countries in the world that have even less food than Tropico does and suggests exporting 2,000 units of food for a $20,000 reward.

Early in the mission, Brunhilde Van Hoof makes her return and introduces the "Panic Meter," which increases every month depending on how panicked the island's citizens are and how much she happens to dislike you at the moment. When the meter reaches 100, the meter resets to 0 and a random event - such as an uprising or losing 75% of the treasury - will occur. Several tasks will allow the meter to be reset without causing a disaster, including building a newspaper to alleviate strikes and protests and building a supermarket to keep people from fearing famine.

Even once the island has a surplus of food, the citizens are still panicked, this time by doomsday rumors. Penultimo suggests having 6 journalists to counteract the dire predictions for Tropico that the foreign media are making, but even this isn't enough. General Rodriguez suggests training the military to be a "doomsday squad" and asks for at least 10 soldiers or generals. Eventually, Brunhilde Van Hoof relays an "urgent message" from the UN which she's purposefully delayed, giving Tropico only one year to establish a full special committee to investigate the doomsday predictions.

Naturally, all the rumors turn out to be false and the island is mired in a different, real problem; a crime wave that's been sweeping the world, causing even well-paid and educated citizens to become criminals. Once a prison is built, Brunhilde Van Hoof asks to send 10 criminals to the island, saying that a UN financial aid package "may become lost in the paperwork" if they're not accepted. She'll later approach the presidente again, saying that a prison ship of 10 convicts is on the way to the island. The only way to stop the ship is to convince her that the island is experiencing a flu epidemic. To end the crime wave, all criminals on the island need to be either arrested or eliminated.

After the crime wave is dealt with, the world will fall into an economic crisis. To counter this, Antonio Lopez suggests building a strong economy to become the "Switzerland of the Caribbean." This requires building 2 new factories and exporting 1,000 units of manufactured goods.

Partway through the mission, a foreign report will come in saying that Tropico is the least safe place to live during a hypothetical doomsday scenario while Madagascar is the safest, requiring a new TV station to be built within 3 years or risk people emigrating to Madagascar. Later, Antonio Lopez will ask to capitalize on the panic by selling tinfoil hats, which will increase the panic meter but put $20,000 in both the treasury and the presidente's Swiss bank account.

The Hiccups

  • Island: Isla del Furioso (Island of the Furious)
  • Starting Year: 1960
  • Synopsis: Tropico becomes the victim (or perhaps, as rumor has it, the target) of a mysterious plague.
  • Strategy:

To establish a foothold on the island, you'll need to have a large workforce of 100 citizens. Though it's not necessary, an immigration office will help bring immigrants in. Once you have the required number of people, Penultimo will inform you that a strange disease causing uncontrollable hiccuping has broken out on the island. If the number of infected people reaches 100, the UN will quarantine the island off. The progress of the infection can be slowed - with each hospital curing an infectee every 6 months and each sanatorium curing one every 3 months - but not stopped completely.

After a bit, Dr. Steinschneider arrives to help cure the disease, asking for 6 professors to assist him. Penultimo - more interested in the disease's origins - asks for 3 agents to investigate the causes of the disease. After the investigation turns up nothing, Dr. Steinschneider concludes that scaring infectees cures them. Since scaring infectees individually would be too time-consuming, he suggests building a movie theater to force patients to view horror movies. When this fails to end the disease, he suggests more scary entertainment, such as riding a rollercoaster or allowing bungee jumping off the Cosmic Pin.

Eventually, one of the doctor's Tropican assistants theorizes that drinking rum will cure the disease by replacing the 'infected' hiccups with normal, 'healthy' ones. To test the theory, he suggests building a rum distillery. Around this time, Antonio Lopez will inform the presidente that foreign merchants are refusing to buy Tropican food at full price out of fear of catching the disease, lowering the price of all food by 20% and making him suggest focusing on industrial goods from then on. To make matters worse, two new things crop up. One is that the disease is evolving to infect entire buildings, slowly making everyone that lives or works in them ill, and can only be stopped by destroying the buildings outright. Dr. Steinschneider will discover that microwave radiation has shown some promise in disinfecting diseased buildings and suggests that building each radar dish built will disinfect one nearby building. Two is that the rum cure theory fails disastrously, costing Tropico $10,000 in damages as angry infectees become more sick and hung over than ever.

Finally, the doctor will make some progress. He'll discover that the true cure to the disease is to stand on one's head, drink water, and recite the national anthem. To accomplish this, a new sanatorium and two water treatment plants must be built and a national day must be issued.

If the epidemic is cured before it reaches even 70 infected citizens, the lack of publicity will help the island and the international medical organization will wire $25,000 to the presidente's Swiss bank account as a reward.

The Truth is Out There

  • Island: Isla de Pieta
  • Starting Year: 1963
  • Synopsis: After Penultimo begins acting rather strangely (namely, intelligently), his friends and colleagues begin to suspect that something is wrong with him.
  • Strategy:

Penultimo asks that 4 llama ranches be built as part of his plan to uncover the culprit behind the hiccup outbreak. Unfortunately, once built, the llamas will escape, devastating the island's agriculture and preventing any farms, bio farms, or plantations from being made. His back-up plan is to print money with "we know who you are and what you did" written on it in the hopes of spooking the virus's creator into revealing themselves.

Once the edict is issued, Miss Pineapple will express worry over Penultimo's recent behavior and ask that a hospital be built to examine him. When the doctors there find a change in Penultimo's physiology, she asks for a radio station to contact Dr. Steinschneider with. The doctor concludes that Penultimo has been kidnapped and replaced with a clone. To find the real Penultimo, he requires 500 units of gold to build a "whole-conductor" for his Gene Tracking Device.

Once found and freed, Penultimo offers a plan on getting rid of the escaped llamas; building a SWAT HQ and letting the SWAT team cull them, allowing the ability to construct agricultural buildings again. Naturally, doing this greatly upsets the Environmentalists. Regardless of whether the plan is accepted or not, Penultimo claims that he overheard a phone conversation between his clone and USSR officials, who ordered both the virus attack on Tropico and Penultimo's abduction. In revenge, he asks that a rum distillery be built and 500 units of arsenic-laced rum be shipped to the USSR government. Agent Sasha intervenes, pointing out that all alcohol sent to USSR officials is "tested" by the cadets making the delivery. With the Soviets now angry at the attempted poisoning, she asks that the island have 2 luxury hotels to help calm the officials down with a vacation. Penultimo supposes he misheard the phone conversation, but remembers that he saw a letter with the initials "CIA" on it while captive and suggests building 3 radar dishes to spy on CIA transmissions. When agents of the CIA question Ambassador Crane over the purposes of the dishes, he covers for Tropico and asks for a luxury liner in return for his silence.

Before Penultimo can cause another international incident, a new virus strikes the island, this time causing 10 people a year to transform into clones of Penultimo. A "side effect" of the transformation involves infected people gaining Penultimo's incompetence, losing their job skills. Dr. Steinschneider is called back to the island to develop a cure, requiring 1,000 units of chemicals. Unfortunately, the cure he develops is immediately stolen in what he suspects is an inside job, requiring wiretapping technology to locate the thief. As it turns out, the theft was committed by Penultimo himself, turning out to be a second clone. The clone is captured and the doctor administers the cure to the island's water supply, stopping the spread of the plague.

Nick Richards will appear saying that he can give you info if you pay him $50.000. If you pay him Dr. Steinschneider will reveal that Nick Richards is a clone and that he ran away with the money.

Despite his behavior, Sunny Flowers is against physically torturing the captured clone of her "dear Penultimo" and suggests using Penultimo's fear of heights by putting the clone in a balloon ride and issuing a Balloon Fair. The clone eventually cracks and gives General Rodriguez the location of the real Penultimo; a maximum-security military compound. General Rodriguez asks for a force of at least 30 military units to assault the compound to free the real Penultimo.

The Shakes

  • Island: Piedra Island
  • Starting Year: 1966
  • Synopsis: The presidente investigates Piedra Island, the source of Penultimo's captors and their orders.
  • Strategy:

The main challenge of Piedra Island is that it's both extremely volcanic and seismic, making building difficult. Thankfully, the factional representatives have several task to earn money will crop up.

  • Antonio Lopez uses his contacts to find investors for the island, earning Tropico $20,000 if you're able to build either 2 hotels, 4 farms, or a factory of any kind within a year.
  • Penultimo will get in touch with European developers who will pay $20,000 to Tropico to help build a second construction office which they will give to you for free.
  • Comrade Vasquez will pay $20,000 to help hire 12 firemen in order to keep the people safe from fires.
  • Miss Pineapple will pay $20,000 to help build a weather station with the seismic detector upgrade to ensure that people are kept safe from earthquakes.

In February Dr. Steinschneider will arrive on the island and ask for $40,000 to set up a secret lair lab in one of the island's volcanoes. Within a few months, he'll invent a "Doomsday Clock" that can (mostly) accurately predict when disasters will occur and what effect the presidente's decisions will have on causing or delaying such events. Once the doctor's lab is set up, he'll notice that the earthquakes on the island are unusual and will ask for 1,000 samples of iron to study. When the iron is collected, the Shadow will make his first "appearance" and ask that the presidente stay out of researching the island's seismic activity, right before a series of earthquakes hit.

The doctor realizes that the earthquakes are being produced artificially by someone underground and asks for 2,000 more metal samples to use in his research. This time, bauxite can be used instead of iron, to help keep his research secret and to avoid earthquakes. The mining process is too slow for the doctor's taste though, and he asks for $10,000 to design a prototype of a borehole mine, years before they're available. Once all the metal is collected, the Shadow will hijack a message, claiming to be part of "the Conclave," a secret organization that the research has upset. The message ends with another series of earthquakes.

Once the earthquakes have settled, the doctor will say that his research has pinpointed the location of the Conclave's underground base and that he has developed a weapon to cause a massive cave-in at this location. However, the machine requires 2,500 megawatts of power per use. Every month, all unused electricity on the island will be stored in the machine. Unfortunately, the weapon's aim is less than perfect, simply causing a massive earthquake and requiring 4,000 megawatts of power to recharge. This happens again a second time, requiring 10,000 megawatts to recharge. The machine successfully fires the third time, winning the mission.

In 1968, worldwide student protests are scripted to happen, cutting Tropico off from foreign experts. Penultimo suggests riding out the protests by having two colleges on the island and billing it as an "education reform" to earn better relations with the Communists and Intellectuals.

Eventually, Dr. Steinschneider will begin to ask for regular monthly donations to his research fund, which will help develop new technologies based on how much you give him, such as lowering the cost of certain types of buildings or making a certain building immune to earthquake damage.

At some point, a devastating earthquake will hit Russia, destroying several towns and a major USSR military base and leaving scientists baffled at why the earthquake wasn't detected. The presidente is given the option of wiring $10,000 to the USSR to boost relations.

Late in the mission, Antonio Lopez asks to build a TV station so that journalists can televise the frequent seismic devastation that occurs on the island, in order to guilt rich foreigners into sending Tropico aid money. Once the station is built, he begins asking to allow Dr. Steinschneider to trigger small earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. This can be done multiple times in order to gain disaster aid money.

Countdown to Oblivion

  • Island: Costa del Limbo
  • Starting Year: 1969
  • Synopsis: As tensions build between the US and USSR, General Igor Fedorov - a paranoid ex-KGB officer - plans to invade Alaska, thinking the Conclave is based there. Knowing this will inevitably cause World War 3, the presidente befriends the general to ruin their plans from the inside.
  • Strategy:

Agent Sasha opens the mission by telling you about General Igor Fedorov and his plans. In order to disrupt them, the presidente will need to get close to the general. This involves becoming allied to the USSR, at least temporarily; once the task is complete and the general gets in contact with the island, the Soviet military base can be demolished and the alliance called off without any repercussions, unless you enacted the USSR Development Aid edict before you allied with them. Then you lose the 50% reduction in the cost of tenements and apartments for a short time. If the presidente takes a while to forge an alliance, Agent Sasha offers to help bribe a Soviet bureaucrat for $10,000, improving Tropico's relationship with the USSR by 10 points.

Once the alliance is official, General Fedorov will introduce himself and talk about how he intends to destroy the Conclave. He wants to develop Tropico into a naval base of operations, before his plans are discovered. This involves having a total of 5 docks on the island within 30 months.

Once the docks are built, Igor will welcome you as his ally and immediately reveal that he's preparing to invade Alaska, where he believes the Conclave is based. He will start a countdown to the invasion, which starts at 100 and drops some every month. Once it reaches 0, the invasion (and World War 3) will kick off, ending the game in failure.

There are a few tasks that, when completed, will delay or set back the general's invasion plans.

  • Agent Sasha suggests exporting 500 units of rum to keep the Soviet military drunk. Once the rum has arrived, Fedorov will apologize for the delay their drinking will cause and ask if the Tropican military is having a similar problem. If the presidente says they're drunk too, the respect of the militarists will fall by 30 points from being falsely labelled as drunkards. If the presidente says they're ready, the invasion countdown will fall some.
  • Miss Pineapple (after "discussing" the issue with Agent Sasha) suggests building a burlesque theater to distract the Soviet soldiers with.
  • Penultimo will tell Fedorov that Tropico's soldiers are too busy fighting rebels at the moment to take part in the invasion. Fedorov asks the presidente if this is true. If the presidente says this is true, they'll arrange to have Marco Moreno to send 10 rebels to the island for authenticity's sake. If the presidente says it's not true, the countdown will fall by some measure.
  • Agent Sasha will tell you to demolish the 4 additional docks Federov asked you to build.

While this is going on, Dr. Steinschneider asks for a $30,000 research grant to develop a way to find out what's going on between Fedorov and the rest of the USSR. Awhile after being given the grant, he returns with a plan; export 1,000 units of electronics fitted with advanced micro-transmitters to create a spy network across the planet. He neglects to mention that he'll need 5 Radar Dishes to receive all the transmitted data, at least until it becomes time to do so. Unfortunately, even once the data has been collected, it'll need to be filtered and analyzed to make sense of. Dr. Steinschneider suggests hiring a team of specialists to do the job immediately for $20,000, but there's also the option of letting Tropicans sort through the data themselves, a process which could take quite some time. Once the data is sorted through, Dr. Steinschneider will report that the Conclave isn't based in Alaska like Fedorov believes. The Conclave wants Fedorov to believe it is in order to get him to start World War 3, allow the global superpowers to destroy each other, then establish a new world order from the ashes.

However, since Fedorov is unlikely to believe this, Dr. Steinschneider suggests hiring 3 secret agents to capture a Conclave agent. Fedorov will be overjoyed to hear of the capture and will suggest building a sanatorium specializing in psychiatry to interrogate the agent in. However, Dr. Steinschneider will need to create a truth serum to successfully break the agent, a process which takes time based on the number of professors on the island. Once the serum is administered, the agent will reveal the Conclave's plans to Fedorov, who will immediately call off the invasion.

Unfortunately, with their plan revealed and ruined, the Conclave begins sending death squads to Tropico in order to assassinate both the presidente and Fedorov. These squads will disguise themselves as ordinary rebels and will plan an attack on the palace about a year after they start arriving. This is a good time to start bolstering the island's military, especially around the palace. Once the "rebel" attack is defeated, the mission will be won.

Keep Calm and Carry On

  • Island: Tierra de la Venganza
  • Starting Year: 1972
  • Synopsis: Panicked by the threat of World War 3, US citizens have taken to building fallout shelters and stocking up on provisions in preparation for doomsday. Dr. Steinschneider theorizes that the chaos can be used to shake the Conclave's hold over the world.
  • Strategy:

Ambassador Crane opens the mission by reporting that the US is in a state of chaos and that its citizens are buying all the canned goods, causing a shortage of them. He asks that Tropico export 500 units of canned goods to the states in exchange for $10,000 in Swiss bank funds. Once they're exported, Dr. Steinschneider notes that the global chaos is rising so badly that economists now measure the state of the economy based on the "Canned Goods index." He theorizes that this chaos can be used to weaken and overthrow the Conclave and asks that the island earn $30,000 from canned goods to help fuel the paranoia. This shouldn't be too hard as, every so often, the price of canned goods will rise by 50% due to increased demand.

Once all the money is earned, the Canned Goods index will increase by 300 and Dr. Steinschneider will turn out to be right; world leaders have become too busy dealing with internal affairs to follow the manipulations of the Conclave. He suggests that keeping the index above 200 for several years will weaken the Conclave and starts getting into contact with groups that will help cause chaos.

  • Brunhilde Van Hoof - speaking on behalf of conservative groups of the US - will say that young people are the source of all the world's problems and ask that 5 Tropican citizens under the age of 21 be arrested simply for their age. This will increase the index by 90.
  • Sunny Flowers - speaking on behalf of public health protesters from the US - will say that people should only ever eat healthy food, even if it means some people must starve. She asks for the island to have 2 supermarkets that stock only healthy food on the island, increasing the index by 80.
  • Reverend Esteban will say that he has been contacted by the "Eastboro Church," a very controversial religious group. Though he doesn't believe God approves of them or their activities, he passes on the message that they would like a Diamond Cathedral built on the island so they can move to it. This will increase the index by 50.
  • If the cathedral is built, the Eastboro Church will come to the island and immediately begin harassing Tropico's military, "because this is one of the things they do," according to Reverend Esteban. They ask for 4 of the island's soldiers to be branded heretics. Doing this will increases the index by 160.
  • Antonio Lopez - speaking on behalf of the "Hot Beverage Party of America" - says that he and his group want bad things to happen to the Communists. And money. They want 5 of the island's communists to be arrested and a tax cut to be issued. Doing both of these will increase the index by 120.
  • If the communists are arrested and the tax cut issued, Antonio will say that the party is merely angry at the feeble gestures. This time, they want 5 communists to be killed outright. And another tax cut. Doing both of these will increase the index by 150.
  • General Igor Fedorov - speaking on behalf of ex-KGB members - demand that the island fall under martial law and become a police state. Enacting both of these will raise the index by 65.

Once the chaos has been sustained for long enough, Ambassador Crane will say that US is building a sheep-powered mind control device to calm the chaos of the world. Though the project is being helped by Dr. Steinschneider, Crane asks - in a very uncharacteristically friendly way - that the presidente send 25 loyalists to serve as sheep for it, too. However, once the loyalists have left, it becomes apparent that Crane was replaced with a robotic double and the mind control device was actually being built for the Conclave.

To counter the sheep-based device, Dr. Steinschneider says he'll need to build a device that uses either goats or rebels. This requires having a total of 12 Organic Ranches or rebels on the island. To help with this, Marco Moreno offers to send 2 rebels to the island every year until a Stock Exchange is built for them to protest about and Antonio Lopez offers to "sell" the island 4 rebels for $2255. Finally, the machine will require 1000 unused megawatts of electricity to power it.

Unfortunately, once the device is powered up, Penultimo reports that the stress from counteracting the sheep-powered mind control device has caused both devices to violently explode, killing Dr. Steinschneider. On a more positive note, he says that the now freed US commanders have pledged to help the presidente fight the Conclave.

War on Terror

  • Island: Piedra Island
  • Starting Year: 1974
  • Synopsis: Although the Conclave has been eliminated, a wave of terrorist attacks has begun to sweep the world.
  • Strategy:

You start out with a ministry (with no members appointed)and police station already built. However, don't appoint any ministers to start with; a month into the mission, the ministry is bombed by terrorists. Believing the terrorists have struck Tropico for the last time, Penultimo sets the island's alert level to green, raising export prices by 10%. Once the ministry is rebuilt, Penultimo urges the presidente to take a more serious action against the terrorists. Unfortunately, all the presidente can do in response to this is to declare a war on terror. A few months later, Ambassador Crane will welcome the presidente to the war and give the island $30,000 to help fund the war effort and set Tropico's alert level to yellow, dropping export prices by 20%.

After a while, Donald Pynch will introduce himself and begin harassing Tropico using his media empire. First, he runs a headline admonishing Tropico for entering the war on terror without a plan. This drops the alert level to red and causes the island's tourism rating to drop by 20. Later on, he'll print rumors that anthrax attacks have occurred in Tropico, convincing some of the island's educated professionals to emigrate. Finally, another bombing will occur, destroying the island's police station. His papers will claim that, although the presidente is in control of the situation, the event will still cause an economic disaster. This raises export prices by 10% but causes all construction costs to increase by 20% too.

Taking Pynch's headline about Tropico's lack of a plan to heart, General Rodriguez asks the presidente to pick one of three strategies for finding the terrorists responsible for the ministry bombing; using the military, using the police, or garnering civil support.

  • Under the military strategy, General Rodriguez urges the presidente to convert the island's colonial fort into a dungeon to question terror suspects in, to have 10 people killed by soldiers to motivate people to cooperate with the investigation, and to enact martial law to remove any civil rights that impede the investigation's progress.
  • Under the police strategy, Comrade Vasquez urges the presidente to place 10 people under arrest to instill a fear of the police force in the general public, to establish a Secret Police to conduct investigations, and to turn the island into a police state so that the investigators won't have to worry about their suspects' civil rights.
  • Under the civil strategy, Penultimo urges the presidente to issue an early election to prove that Tropicans support the government, have at least 3 media buildings on the island to allow journalists to conduct independent investigations, and approving 3 private businesses on the island so that citizens will have just as much to lose in a terrorist attack as the presidente would.

Whatever strategy is chosen, each task that's completed for it will give Penultimo another clue into the identity of the bomber and give the presidente an opportunity to blame a person for the bombing.

The first clue is that the terrorist is bald and wears a uniform.

  • If the presidente blames Sheik Sallim, he'll get very sad and say that he was at home with his wives when the bomb went off. Being wrongly accused like this causes Middle Eastern relations to plummet to 0.
  • If the presidente blames Reverend Esteban, he'll say that he doesn't believe in material warfare and that Penultimo can attest that he was giving a sermon when the bombing happened. Being wrongly accused like this causes a 20-point drop in respect from the religious faction.
  • If the presidente blames El Diablo, he'll say that he'd never do anything to hurt Tropico and that he wasn't even in the country when the bomb went off. Being wrongly accused like this causes a 10-point drop in respect from the nationalists.
  • If the presidente blames no one, Ambassador Crane will say that US is angry at Tropico's perceived lack of effort in the war on terror and that the nation is cutting off all foreign aid to Tropico.

The second clue is that the terrorist wears earrings.

  • If the presidente blames Sunny Flowers, she'll agree that she wants fewer buildings but makes it clear that she's too peaceful to bomb any. Being wrongly accused like this causes a 20-point drop in respect from the environmentalists.
  • If the presidente blames Miss Pineapple, she'll explain that if she was responsible for the bombing, she'd be smart enough to mislead the investigation into thinking someone else did it. Being wrongly accused like this causes a 20-point drop in respect from the intellectuals.
  • If the presidente blames Sheik Sallim, he'll be furious and humiliated at the presidente saying he wears earrings. Being wrongly accused like this causes the price he's willing to pay for Tropico's oil products to drop by 75%.
  • If the presidente blames no one, Agent Sasha will say that USSR is angry at Tropico's perceived lack of effort in the war on terror and that the nation is cutting off all foreign aid to Tropico.

The third clue is that the terrorist has a tattoo. Given all the clues, the only suspect Penultimo can come up with is El Diablo. However, El Diablo angrily denies the accusation, causing a 30-point drop in respect from the nationalists. He also points out that all Penultimo's "clues" come from articles in Donald Pynch's newspapers.

With Pynch's media empire pointing the blame squarely at El Diablo, Ambassador Crane says that entire world is threatening to place an embargo on Tropico unless he's arrested within 2 years. However, El Diablo says he knows someone who works for Donald Pynch and is willing to betray him for $72,000. Once this bribe is paid, El Diablo learns that Pynch has a stash of data called "TerrorLeaks" which proves his (and Tropico's) innocence. In order to convince Pynch to release the data, El Diablo comes up with a plan; by using a shipment of 500 weapons and a number of greeting cards signed by Pynch, Pynch can be made to look like he's personally supplying the terrorists with weapons. Once the weapons are ready, Pynch will declare Tropico's innocence.

Presidente vs. Zombies

  • Island: Costa del Limbo
  • Starting Year: 1976
  • Synopsis: Seemingly apologetic about defaming Tropico, Donald Pynch offers to cut the presidente in on his profits by expanding his media empire to the island. But the multitude of strange signals emanating from the antennas start having a strange effect on the islanders.
  • Strategy:

Donald Pynch opens the mission by apologizing for falsely accusing Tropico for terrorism, saying that he'll pay for a free Power Plant for the island and will send 6 college-educated women to help run it. It turns out he has an ulterior motive for his generosity; he wants to develop Tropico into a media center to expand his empire into the Caribbean. However, he needs to prove to his board that Tropico has this potential. To do this, he offers $20,000 if the island builds 2 Radio Stations within 2 years and, afterwards, offers $35,000 if 2 TV Stations are built within 3 years. Once the stations are built, he offers $40,000 to build a Business Center within a year. With all this done, Tropico will be the media capital of the Caribbean and will start earning $7000 every year in profits.

However, awhile after the stations are built, people on the island begin acting strange. Penultimo will report a random, seemingly pointless worker strike and El Diablo will, suspiciously, say that Tropico needs more "BRAINS" to be strong and that he's invited a hundred Chinese immigrants to settle on the island. Miss Pineapple is the only one who seems aware of the effects the radio waves are having on people. Having secured funds from Pynch, she offers $20,000 to build an array of 5 Radar Dishes and $40,000 to build a Nuclear Power Plant, which she figures should be enough to cancel out the effects of the waves. (Miss Pineapple's request does not have a time limit, though. So take your sweet time building those Radar Dishes while boosting your island's economy -- and enriching yourself.)

Unfortunately, something goes wrong. Instead of curing people of the effects, the nuclear-powered dishes make matters all the worse, overtly turning people on the island into zombies. Over time, the zombies start having different effects. Some of them opt to become rebels, educated ones have a chance of losing their educations, and a group of them will decide to emigrate from Tropico for no reason. Donald Pynch naturally discusses the zombies in his sensationalist news stories, making the world worry about the infestation. General Igor Fedorov in particular says the USSR has intercepted the zombies who chose to leave the island and, worried about the infestation spreading, have decided to invade Tropico in 5 years if the zombies aren't taken care of.

As it turns out, Sunny Flowers knows how to handle zombies; with plants. Every month that citizens are working in Bio Farms or Horticulture Stations, the number of zombies will drop some. Later on, she'll say that building a Botanical Garden will enhance the effect further. Of course, events spring up which also affect matters.

  • Reverend Esteban will ask that the presidente establish an Inquisition to reach the BRAINS of the people. Denying him this will cause religious-minded zombies to attack and kill several people.
  • After the presidente begins building plant-based buildings to combat the zombies, zombies will begin setting fire to them every month.
  • Even as a zombie, Comrade Vasquez is worried about the welfare of other zombies. He asks for 2 Apartment Blocks to be built specifically with zombies in mind (and will cause anyone who lives in them to become a zombie too) within 6 months. Denying him this will cause communist zombies to kill 15 capitalists.
  • Miss Pineapple points out that having lots of people jumping simultaneously should cause an earthquake. Knowing this, the zombies begin using the technique once every year to disrupt the island.

Also, you can order all citizens (except the 4 palace guards) to be killed, and you will most likely win. If you run out of money, you can issue the Print Money.

The Earth Warriors

  • Island: Isla de Pieta
  • Starting Year: 1978
  • Synopsis: The presidente must rule an island dominated by radical environmentalists who are - in turn - dominated by Donald Pynch and his manipulative (and often false) news stories.
  • Strategy:

Sunny Flowers opens the mission by stating that she and the other environmentalists are part of the Earth Warriors Network, who run the island. In a way, she's correct; this island starts with many unique features, an abnormally large number of environmentalists being one of them. It also starts with a Power Plant, a lot of factories, some Logging Camps, a couple [[Garbage Dump (Tropico 4)|Garbage Dump]]s, and four fisherman's wharves.

Unfortunately, the environmentalists don't appreciate the island's heavily developed economy. As soon as the mission starts, Sunny says that Donald Pynch's newspaper claims that Tropico's fishing industry is leaving whales with nothing to eat. Believing this story, she asks that all the wharves be destroyed. If this isn't done, the environmentalists will instigate strikes over the next 3 years. After the whales are seen to, she asks for food for Tropicans themselves, wanting to raise the average food happiness on the island to at least 70%. You may want to postpone reaching this number as long as possible (by not building supermarkets and fruit farms), building the island's economy instead, due to the following events which will cap your economy hard.

Next up, Sunny will read that Donald Pynch is coordinating a global environmental effort called the Clean Skies Project and that the environmentalists want the island's power plant destroyed or they're start staging eco-protests. After this, she'll say that the Project has been criticized as being against electricity; to prove their critics wrong, the environmentalists want to build a Solar Power Plant on the island to generate 150 megawatts of green power (you don't actually have to build a Solar Power Plant; a Nuclear Power Plat will also suffice). Once this is done, they'll turn their sights on the island's dumps, saying they want the landfills destroyed or they'll start strikes over the next 5 years. Of course, it's a good idea to replace the dumps with a Water Treatment Plant, especially since their next demand is to raise the island's average environmental happiness to 60%. Once all this is done, Sunny says that the environmentalists can now move on the second stage of their plan; this time, they want all the island's factories and industrial buildings shut down, threatening to start some fires if their demands aren't met. If at least two factories survive the arson attacks, Antonio Lopez will applaud the presidente's efforts to save the island's industry and wire $20,000 to their Swiss bank account in thanks. Note that after this event, you will be unable to build new factories.

All of this work has an upside; once it's done, Penultimo will inform the presidente that Tropico's "bio" image has got the world's attention and has raised the price of Tropico-made goods by 20%.

Along with her main demands, Sunny also offers the presidente optional tasks for earning money and respect.

  • First, she asks that 2 Fish Farms be built, believing them to be places for fish to play in. Building them will improve environmentalist relations by 5 and earn the presidente $10,000 in Swiss bank funds.
  • Next, she wants a Botanical Garden to watch sunsets from. Building it will improve environmentalist relations by 10 and earn the presidente $5,000 in Swiss bank funds.
  • Finally, she'll want a City Park, realizing that the island doesn't have one only after scheduling to meet a date in one. Building it will improve environmentalist relations by 15 and earn the presidente $12,000 in Swiss bank funds.

By this time, General Igor Fedorov has learned about how Tropico's environmentalists are behaving and - thinking that mind control is the cause - asks that the presidente have $50,000 to show that they're still in control of their minds and the island. Once this is proved, Igor tells the presidente that the Earth Warriors Network is being controlled by "David" Pynch (likely a developer's mistake) and is using "psychic toucans" to mind control its members. Soon afterwards, he says that he's discovered that the toucans' psychic powers work by manipulating people's imaginations. Knowing this, he says that Tropico must build three High Schools that give students military educations to ground down the populace's ideals and imagination.

Once freed from the Earth Warriors Network's mind control, Sunny warns that the organization will likely take up arms against Tropico and that the military should be raised to 30 members. Along with an influx of rebels and attacks, one environmentalist plants a bomb in the docks. Since the docks can't be destroyed, his demands must be met; either Tropico must donate $10,000 to the World Forest Fund or all the island's Logging Camps must be demolished. To truly combat the Earth Warriors Network, Fedorov urges the island to have 10 professors to devise a way of stopping their psychic toucans. The plan they come up with is building Babel Tower to provide the toucans with the high nesting ground that they favor then feeding and caring for them so the toucans start working for Tropico instead of Pynch.

The Show Must Go On

  • Island: Tierra de la Venganza
  • Starting Year: 1980
  • Synopsis: Having been freed from mind control, Donald Pynch relates that the Conclave is planning to use subliminal messages to take over the world. The only way the presidente can thwart the organization is by building the biggest and most popular entertainment empire in the world to keep people from tuning in to Conclave-controlled media.
  • Strategy:

Donald Pynch - now free from the Conclave's control and hungry for revenge against them - joins the presidente to help them create a telecommunication empire big enough to stop the Conclave's plan. First, he says the island will need 10 teachers to give it an educational edge. Although he specifies high school teachers, grade school teachers count too, allowing you to build a single high school and two grade schools to meet the requirement.

Once all the teachers are in place, the next step is to build the island's Telecom HQ. If it's not 1986 yet, you may have to wait awhile. It's a good idea to build and staff a college at this point, as you'll need many educated citizens later on. Once the HQ is built, Donald offers the presidente a chance to win the "Best Call Center in the Caribbean" award by having 50 Office Workers on the island. Winning the award will earn the island $50,000 and the presidente another $50,000 in Swiss bank funds. More importantly, he'll say that the island should start producing its own designer line of phones. This requires first a fully-staffed Museum of Modern Art (to design the phones) then an Electronics Factory (to produce 500 units of them).

While the phones are being produced, the presidente will receive a strange letter, apparently addressed from Penultimo, that claims the presidente is offering to sell people islands for $10,000. This is, of course, a scam, and the presidente isn't the only target; such letters have been sent all around the world. Donald will urge the presidente to monitor the internet to catch the scammers. Every 4 years the scammers continue to operate, foreign relations will drop by 5.

After all the phones are shipped out, the Conclave will move on to creating mobile games. To combat this, Penultimo gets in touch with Lord Scott, a European game developer who's willing to work for Tropico if the presidente builds him a real-life castle. He develops the game "Angry Toucans," which becomes a hit in Tropico but disappoints everyone else due to the lack of any actual toucans in the game. To make up for it, the island will need to build 2 zoos to breed enough toucans to ship one with every copy of the game.

Next up, Donald will want to start "The Tropico Factor," an international music show, requiring the island to build a TV Station. After it's built, he'll want the presidente to choose a host for it. The host will earn a lump sum of money up front, plus some for every Office Worker.

  • Sunny Flowers will earn the show $3,000, plus $25 for every office worker. She's the best choice if the island has 40 or less office workers.
  • Penultimo will earn the show $2,000, plus $50 for every office worker. He's the worst choice in any case.
  • Miss Pineapple will earn the show $1,000, plus $75 for every office worker. She's the best choice if the island has 40 or more office workers.

Awhile after the host is chosen, Donald will suggest giving them private lessons in something to make them better.

  • Public speaking lessons will raise the respect of all factions by 5.
  • Singing lessons will raise the respect of all factions by 10.
  • Dancing lessons will lower the respect of all factions by 10.

Several months later, the Conclave will post compromising pictures of the presidente on social network sites, dropping all factional respect by 15 until the island bans social networks. Also around this time, the TV show will have a winner; Miss Busoms. Donald comes up with the idea of using her fame to get her into the Conclave, requiring the presidente to hire 3 Secret Agents to help train her in espionage. Once trained, she'll manage to sneak into the facility, follow an important-looking man in a lab coat, and steal some blueprints for a Space Program.

Jumping at the chance to use the Conclave's technology against them, Donald tasks the presidente with building the space program so that the Conclave's satellite can be infiltrated. He also suggests building a Weather Station to ensure the program operates successfully, reducing the price of the program by 20%. Unfortunately, in order to dock with the satellite, the ship will require an advanced docking module. An old version of the module is in a Russian scrap yard, the owners of which are willing to trade it for 300 units of cars to scrap. However, as soon as Tropico builds a Car Factory, it will explode and Miss Busoms will reveal that she's actually working for the Conclave, requiring the factory to be rebuilt. Once the cars are exported and the module received, Donald Pynch will be able to access the Conclave's satellite, broadcasting the Conclave's plan and salvaging some data that indicates that Dr. Steinschneider isn't dead and, in fact, is now the leader of the Conclave.

Early on in the mission, an old American lady ruins her Tropican-made phone by microwaving it than demands $10,000 from Tropico for not putting a warning label on the phone telling her not to do so. If she isn't paid the money, she'll later demand $50,000 and will threaten to sue if not given the cash. If the presidente allows her to take matters to court, the judge will simply rule for Tropico to replace her phone and pay her legal fees, totaling only $1,000.

Before The Storm

  • Island: Isla de Sentencia
  • Starting Year: 1981
  • Synopsis: As it turns out, Dr. Steinschneider faked his own death and used his mind-control technology on the Conclave in order to use the organization to try and take over the world. The presidente must try to get the US, the USSR, and the media on their side, all while the Conclave races to do the same.
  • Strategy:

To get the USSR on your side, all Penultimo says all you'll need to do is send them 2,000 units of rum (or spiced rum). It's a good idea to build a Rum Distillery quickly because, several months later, Dr. Steinschneider reveals that he intends to send the required rum first, using an invention that creates 10 units of rum every month. As the scenario goes on, he improves his invention several times so that it makes more and more rum. However, a “faithful citizen” offers to drink the Conclave’s rum, lowering it for 6 months.

Unfortunately, when all the rum is shipped out, Agent Sasha expresses disappointment at the bribe and says that what the USSR really needs is a market; they're willing to ally themselves with whoever imports 5,000 units of Soviet resources. Naturally, the doctor creates (and steadily improves) an invention to start using Russian resources as well. One of the best ways of importing USSR resources is with a Car Factory, which uses both iron and bauxite, both from the USSR. Another good idea might be to build a Nuclear Power Plant; not only does this import uranium from Russia, it'll produce power. This comes in handy because, after the USSR is allied with, Penultimo will say that General Igor Fedorov will need 1000 megawatts for his submarine and is willing to lend his strategic knowledge to whoever can produce the power first.

Next, Donald Pynch will want a network of satellites to help him launch a music channel. He'll need a Space Program, 2,000 units of electronics (which he's willing to give $5,000 in Swiss bank funds as an added bonus for), and $50,000 to cover the satellite launching costs. Unfortunately, not only does the doctor work to complete all these tasks too, he also starts inventing devices to disrupt the island's chances of beating him.

  • His first invention is the "communist ray," which causes people on the island to demand higher wages. This is simulated by the island's minimum wage steadily rising every so often. To counteract the ray's effects, Antonio Lopez suggests hiring 20 citizens as Office Workers to make them glad to even have a job. If this is done, the minimum wage will stop increasing and the presidente will get $5,000 in their Swiss bank account.
  • Next, he'll invent the resource depleter, which completely eliminates all of the island's natural resources.
  • His final invention is the treasury evaporator, which will cause Tropico's money to steadily disappear. Penultimo notes that, in his insane haste, the doctor forgot to install a heat capacitor on this device; once $100,000 has been evaporated from the treasury, the device will overheat and stop working.

For the final task of the mission, the US says they'll only ally themselves with the presidente when they "provide freedom and liberty for all nations around the world." A couple months later, Penulitmo deciphers this to mean that the US just wants $100,000. Once this is paid, they'll join Tropico's fight against the Conclave and the mission will be won.

At one point in the mission, the doctor creates a device to turn General Fedorov's supplies into buffalo cheese, which his men are allergic to. Penultimo offers the chance to build 3 sanatoriums, each surrounded by 6 gardens, within 4 years to help cure the soldiers. If this is done, Fedorov will send $20,000 to the presidente every year for 10 years in gratitude.


  • Island: Fin del Mundo
  • Starting Year: 1984
  • Synopsis: With the world turned against them, the Conclave destroys the global economy and starts working on taking down the presidente. The presidente must gather resources and go on the offensive to crush Dr. Steinschneider and the Conclave once and for all.
  • Strategy:

Using their influence, the Conclave has destroyed the world's economy, requiring Tropico to act fast. If $50,000 of exports can be shipped within 4 years, Tropico will be able to establish its economy, raising export prices by 10% and the tourism rating by 10. If not, the export prices and tourism rating will fall by that much instead. Donald Pynch offers to help by using his media empire to promote Tropico's economy; he can promote either oil, tourism, or gold.

  • Promoting oil raises the export price of crude oil by 30%, but the Nationalists will be upset at the deal with foreign-based media and the Environmentalists won't like promoting fossil fuels, reducing the respect of both factions by 20.
  • Promoting tourism raises the spending limit of tourists by 30%, but the Intellectuals consider Pynch and his media corrupt and the Militarists don't approve of the security risk tourists causes, reducing the respect of both factions by 20.
  • Promoting gold raises the export price of gold and jewelry by 30%, but the Loyalists will be upset at the presidente accepting another's help and the Religious consider Pynch to be "the devil," reducing the respect of both factions by 20.

After that, Penultimo says there are going to be a lot of people (200) to protect the important people on the island (Such as Presidente and himself). Antonio Lopez gives several plans to increase immigration. His suggestions are: Business Centers for Capitalists, Cathedrals for religious, advanced Electronics factory using Dr. Steinschneider's old blueprints for loyalists and making the minimum wage $15 for generic ones. Later, the doctor will infiltrate Tropico with frogs, and you will have to take care of them with either goats (6 organic ranches), SWAT (12 SWAT members), or build 2 Radio stations. After that, General Federov will tell you to get information about the conclave, and you can pay $50k or spy on the KGB and CIA (A Fully Upgraded Telecom Center). After that, the doctor will have a laser, and blow up some buildings. Penultimo will ask you if you want Federov's help, Pynch's help, or come up with your own plans. Penultimo will also tell you to build 50 shanties to protect the important buildings, and you will get free shanties and $10,000 in your Swiss Bank Account.

  • Pynch will want you to build 4 new Solar Plants to shoot the beams back at them. It turns out that the doctor re-reflected the laser, so Pynch decides to build a Babel Tower to brainwash people. The doctor then upgrades the machine to set fires nearby the laser strike.
  • Fedorov will want you to build a Nuclear Program to Launch a Missile to the Doctor's base. Unfortunately the good doctor will inform you that he has detected the missile and was able to destroy it. After that he will target your nuclear program and successfully destroys it. So Fedorov wants you to build a Space Program to send a small space ship to deliver a missile to the moon base's only weak spot. "the Exhaust vent".
  • If you choose to come up with your own plan, then you will be tasked to build a Golden Statue to act as a Space Robot. But before the Space Robot can even fly, the Doctor will shoot it from the moon. The doctor then upgrades the machine to set fires to buildings nearby where it strikes. Fortunately, you have a Plan B, in which you will be tasked to build a Ziggurat, which will not only redirect the lasers toward the US and the USSR, but will also send a feedback to the moon base, destroying it.

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