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The Tropico 4: DLC features 10 new missions. The missions place you in charge of different islands, each with its own scenario and goals to accomplish.

The sections below may contain spoilers. Only read them as a last resort.

DLC Missions


The New Sparta

You will start off being notified that you have declared war on a neighboring island, and you will receive money from every military supporter every year.


  • DLC Required: Plantador
  • Island: Aeonita (Puerto de Oro)
  • Starting Year: 1930
  • Synopsis: After waking up with amnesia on an eerie island populated by backwoods yokels, the presidente takes charge and begins a campaign of research into the island's eldritch mysteries.
  • Strategy:

Unpleasant surprise first: You cannot build ANYTHING at first; you have to research them all.

You will be asked to build a Plantation. As soon as you put down the foundation, you can start researching. Put effort into researching Roads and garages as soon as possible (you should have enough money to directly pay for at least one of these). Then, prioritize researching Mines which will lead you to Salt Mine, because there's a Salt deposit very near to your Dock.

As the game progresses, there will be crises which will make you have to prioritize your research to build the buildings that can overcome these crises (e.g., Cult Members need to be declared Heretics, but you'll need to research & build a cathedral to do that). There will also be opportunities that will give you help (e.g., the UN asking you to build 6 Shanties).

The mission culminates in you having to build six Ferris Wheels to stave off the invasion of Cthulhu; this requires you to research a long string of Tourism topics (numbered increasingly in Roman numerals, e.g., Tourism II, Tourism III, and so forth) until the Ferris Wheel building gets unlocked.

Gods of Economy

  • DLC Required: Quick Dry Cement
  • Island: Isla Divina
  • Starting Year: 1960
  • Synopsis: Housing is the next big thing as the presidente builds houses for cash but has to keep the two gods on the island happy.
  • Strategy:

Penultimo tells that the housing market is gone up the to start by 30 houses and earning $5,000 for every house built. Then Antonio Lopez tells that bungalows and hotels are free to attract tourists. Later Ambassador Crane tells that the US wants results and if all 30 houses are built by 2 years the island will receives $30,000. After building the 30 houses Penultimo says they need to build 15 apartments and earning $11,000 for ever apartment built. A side mission is to have 3 cement factories to reduce build time by 50%. Later Penultimo says that there is a Volcano God and if there is more than $50,000 in the treasury for three consecutive months a disaster will occur. Later, Brunhilde Van Hoof will start to send $10,000 for "divine communication". To make matters worse, Brunhilde Van Hoof will block your source of nails which will limit the quick build options. To get 1 quick build 5 tourists will need to come to the island. Later a Wind God will bring tornadoes as a "protest". To make matters worse Brunhilde Van Hoof says that the island was supposed to get $30,000 and now gets this amount. The last mission is to have 100 buildings from the housing category and you will get $300 from all housing built every year.

To win, you will want to build as many hotels as possible so you can attract as many tourists as possible, increasing the number of Quick Builds you can do. Also, as soon as you have more than $50,000, there will be an earthquake; you can reduce your money by doing Quick Builds, but that will consume your precious Quick Build stock. Rather, 'stash' your money by starting to build an expensive building (e.g., a Power Plant) and immediately "pause" the construction. Do this repeatedly until your treasury is lower than $50,000. These unfinished Power Plants can, later on, be "cashed in" by Demolishing them.

Sometime in the middle of the mission, Penultimo will mention that setting the Fire Station mode to "Building Inspection" will reduce the number of destroyed buildings during the tornado attacks. You will have to build 3 Fire Stations to unlock this ability; afterwards, build Fire Stations liberally. Each Fire Station will protect the buildings around it up to a certain radius. Note that this will NOT stop buildings from becoming destroyed; but this will reduce the number of casualties, enabling you to save up the Quick Builds for the last mission.

Pirate Heaven

Penultimo opens the mission by saying that the island may have been inhabited by pirates and if so the Pirate King who ruled them must have been the Presidente's ancestor so he says that they need to build a childhood museum to look for the Pirate Kings diary to prove this. After that you unlock the Smugglers Hut and Penultimo asks that you build one. After which however Brunhilde Van Hoof informs you that if you continue to turn Tropico into a pirate settlement an invasion force will end be sent to end the Presidente's rule if the Pirate Index reaches 100. But Penultimo then says that UNESCO has a pirate heritage programme and that if that reaches 100 then Tropico will be safe.

Opportunities will appear that will boost the Heritage Index, sometimes also boosting the Pirate Index, so be mindful. One special opportunity will appear; this special opportunity (i.e., building 5 Pubs) will result in the reset of the Pirate Index to Zero. It is suggested that you delay taking -- and finishing -- this special opportunity until your Pirate Index is around 80 (or higher) to gain the maximum benefit. The flip side is that at certain levels of the Pirate Index, Van Hoof will impose additional penalties to the island, making your progress harder and harder as the Pirate Index gets higher and higher.


  • DLC Required: Megalopolis
  • Island: Tierra de la Luna
  • Starring Year: 1950
  • Synopsis: The presidente enters a competition to create the greatest city in the world.
  • Strategy:

The mission begins with Sunny Flowers explaining that there is a competition for The Most Beautiful City in the World and giving the objective to earn 1000 city points. At the Palace, Penultimo explains that the city is scored by the following criteria:

  • 1 point for each citizen that has no job or home
  • 3 points for each citizen who has a home or job
  • 7 points for each citizen who has a job AND a home

Penultimo also claims to have pulled some strings to get citizens and homes for cheap. At the Docks, an objective from China will allow you to buy the following:

  • High-quality extra-durable immigrants ($4000; +30 immigrants)
  • Extremely competent and wise sages ($8000; +30 college-educated skilled immigrants)
  • Heaven and Earth combo ($7000; +20 immigrants and 2 Conventillo for free)
  • Unofficial bribe ($5000; 200 City Points)
  • Official bribe ($20000; 1000 City Points)
  • Dim Sum ($10; 5 City Points)
  • Nothing (Objective will close and reappear after a short time)

This objective will reappear after one month, so you can use it repeatedly to boost your city points.

Working towards 1000 city points, occasional objectives will allow for earning additional city points. Sunny Flowers' request for 10 gardens will earn 50 city points. Comrade Vasquez's request for an increase in overall happiness by 5 will earn 500 city points.

Once you reach 1000 city points, Sunny will reveal the final objective: Reaching 20000 city points before the competing city of Norilsk. Shortly afterwards, Agent Sasha will claim that competing against Norilsk is unacceptable, reducing USSR relations by 60 and the USSR will send rebels every year. Depending on your current relations with the USSR, this reduction could be enough to put your city under an Embargo and/or a threat of invasion. After several months, there will be an opportunity to pay $15000 to remove the rebel threat, but the relationship damage will remain until repaired.

Opportunities to gain additional city points will continue to present themselves over time, some being time-sensitive.

  • Building 20 new Conventillos within 3 years
  • Having 50 intellectuals within 5 years.
  • Having 150 buildings (not including shacks) within 5 years (2000 city points)
  • Building 20 new Gardens (100 points)
  • Increase the number of High School educated citizens by 20
  • Increase the number of College educated citizens by 10 (500 city points)

You are NOT required to win all these opportunities; in fact, some "opportunities" might heavily penalize your island's economy. Choose wisely which 'battles' you want to engage. It might be better to just focus on developing your island and use the bribe option offered in the China objective (see above).

Once you reach 20000 city points, the mission is complete.

The Masked Avenger

  • DLC Required: Vigilante
  • Island: Criptónia
  • Starring Year: 1950
  • Synopsis: People on the island know him as El Presidente, their absolute ruler. Little they suspect that he is also the Masked Avenger, the mysterious dashing rogue that wages war against crime, rebels and political dissidents.
  • Strategy:

When this mission begins, Penultimo will ask what animal should bite you to determine your superhero name and characteristics. The choices are:

  • Llama (The embodiment of Tropican spirit)
  • Shark (The vicious sea predator)
  • Toucan (My personal favorite)

Depending on your choice, you will then be tasked with building a structure to serve as your superhero base.

  • Llama = 4 Ranches
  • Shark = 2 Fisherman's Wharfs
  • Toucan = Wind Turbine

Once your structure is built, Penultimo ask you to choose your superpower from the following:

  • Fire Power! (Stronger fire will increase industrial productivity by 10%)
  • Mind Power! (Tropicans will educate twice as fast)
  • Time Power! (Construction workers will work twice as fast)

After choosing a superpower, Penultimo will present options for your sidekick. In order to get your sidekick of choice, you will have to fulfill his conditions:

  • Father Esteban (Wants 2 churches)
  • El Diablo (Wants Police Office)
  • Gen. Rodriguez (Wants Armory)

With your superhero persona, base, superpower, and sidekick all sorted out, Penultimo will introduce phase 2 of the plan. Three orchestrated troubles will appear as objectives outside the palace:

  • Defeat the Criminals: Criminals come to the island. Your sidekick reveals blueprints for the Labor Camp. Resolve this objective by having less than 5 criminals free on the island. (If your sidekick is El Diablo, he can resolve this immediately)
  • Crush the rebels: Rebels come to the island. Having less than 3 rebels remaining will resolve this objective. (If your sidekick is Gen. Rodriguez, he can resolve this immediately)
  • Subdue the Economy Crisis: An economic crisis will commence, reducing all commodity prices by 10%. The only way to resolve it is to produce $100,000 worth of goods to export at the crisis-lowered prices.

Eventually, Penultimo will reveal himself as Ultimo, your arch-enemy, harbinger of doom. He'll regularly harass you with superpowers of his own, inciting various disasters, depending on your superhero choices.

Miss Pineapple will suggest that in order to defeat Ultimo, his weakness will have to be discovered and offers 3 options:

  • 10 Professors to draw theories on Ultimo's past
  • 5 Radio Dishes to tap on Ultimo's communications
  • 3 Expensive Movie Theaters to watch every Superhero movie (Note: A recent patch on Xbox changes this to 10, despite having a limit of 5 Movie Theatres, therefore making this impossible on Xbox)

Once the objective is complete, Miss Pineapple will reveal how to defeat Ultimo and the final objective to win the mission (possibly different, depending on previous choices)

  • Have 5 High Schools within 24 months
  • Pay $200,000 in order to send Penultimo to a university within 36 months

The Big Voodoo Shuffle

  • DLC Required: Voodoo
  • Island: Isla Encantada
  • Starting Year: 1970
  • Synopsis: After the Local Witch Doctor dies from poor healthcare, hunger killed, Unusual Circumstances the evil sorceress Vanya has struck a curse on Tropico and it is up to El Prez to stop the curse.
  • Strategy: Your Objectives Are:
  • Build a Voodoo Manor to call upon your spirit guardians (Greed, Sloth, and, Pride) when you have built the manor you get to call on one of your spirit guardians each has a bonus on it, Pride awards you loyalists, Sloth gives you immigrants and Greed allows the Manors to generate $1000 a month.
  • Call upon a Loa and complete its task (or, build a Christ the Savior statue) so it can mitigate the effects of the curse, and...
  • Build a Gold Statue within 18 months of the completion of the previous task.

Caution: Industry buildings are disabled for this mission so tourism and agriculture will be you bread and butter.

Peace, Love, and Understanding

  • DLC Required: The Academy
  • Island: Isla de la Verdad
  • Starting Year: 1970
  • Synopsis: Penultimo accidentally rerouted shipment & funding from Isla Guerra to Isla Guerera, triggering a political crisis. El Presidente installed Penultimo as First Secretary and start planning a way to circle around the situation.
  • Strategy:

Your first task is to build a clinic , which will be used to perform plastic surgery on an actor you hired to act as your look-alike. Then, the clinic will be bombed by your agents posing as rebels, raising international concerns about terrorism.

To combat terrorism, you will be asked to build, a Secret Police and an East Point Academy. You will have to have 6 generals, 30 soldiers. When you've gathered your army, you have 18 months after which Marco Moreno -- which had been rightfully irked because you've painted him and his men as terrorists -- will launch an attack on your palace.

There are optional tasks you can also do, such as having an Academy of Science, an Armory, a Night Club, 3 Guard Station, a Zoo, 3 Radar Dishes, etc. These tasks will give you immediate money and some more upon completion, but probably increases rebels' strength. There's also a "Global Defence Initiative" in which you can pay the CIA to do some random action to reduce the strength of the rebels.

After about 18 months, the rebels will attack. If you have adopted the "Shock & Awe" strategy (i.e., building as many Guard Station and Bunkers as you can, and issuing the Military Modernization edict early), you should have no problems countering the rebel forces. When the rebels are beaten, you immediately win the mission.

How I Learned to Love the Bomb

The Mission starts with Sasha asking you to build a Nuclear Shelter - NOTE the mission will fail if not completed by the year 2000. However you can spend a good 7 years building an economy before completing a Nuclear bomb shelter. After building the bunker - Natasha says Nuclear war is immanent, therefore you have to convince 4 difference factions to enter the bunker without causing a panic- you are then given special tasks to convince factions. These consist of choosing between 2 factions and completing a specific task. Once you have completed a task for one faction; the faction you ignored will despise you and this will result in a faction disaster. The easiest way to overcome this is to ensure they are happy before completing the task and then changing the nuclear bunker setting to favor said faction.

  1. Communists or Capitalists: if you choose Communists you must then hire 12 miners then you must export 1000 units of canned goods If you choose Capitalists you must export 1500 units of Gold. After that they demand 10 bankers as well. They will now enter your shelter and you will have a faction disaster.
  2. Loyalists or Intellectuals: if you choose Loyalists they will go underground and Intellectuals will protest. If you choose intellectuals they will ask for 5 radar dishes to be built. They will then go underground. This will lead to another faction disaster.
  3. Militarists or Religious: If you choose Militarists you have to export 3000 weapons and issue 5 kill orders. If you choose Religious you must build Christ the Savior (then they may ask you to complete another task I didn't go this route). You will get your 3rd faction disaster.
  4. Nationalists or Environmentalists: Nationalists want a Nuclear power plant. Environmentalists want 6 wind turbines. That is the standard ending.

In the year of 1989 an Old Mayan Witch will pop up saying she knows how to avoid Nuclear Bombs. If you agree to listen she will tell you that she needs 15k for her info and living expenses.

  • Then she says you need to build your own nuclear program by 2000, for an alternate ending.
  • If you ignore her she curses you.

note: the Nuclear Program is much more expensive in this mission.

The Communist Propaganda Competition

  • DLC Required: Propaganda
  • Island: Isla de Guerra
  • Starting Year: 1970
  • Synopsis: El Presidente has decided that Tropico not the USSR has the Final Say in Communist propaganda and making those blatant lies come true.
  • Strategy: Your Objectives are:
  • To build 2 propaganda towers (the soviets will add $15,000 at the start of the game for this)- the towers have the ability to convert citizens in its area to join the loyalist faction. I suggest you build up your economy first, your starting island is suitable for Cash crops and there are 2iron deposits that you can exploit.
  • Your second is to complete 7 tasks in order to achieve Presidente's dream of a communist utopia where dreams come true each task bubble gives you 3 or more choices these tasks vary it can range from building a police station so that the "People Belong to the Police and the Police Belong to the People" to Having 20 Factory workers in your island and even demolishing your churches because they are "the Opiate of the Masses".
  • Last Objective: Complete one last task (same as above) in the span of three years.

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