For articles of the same name in other Tropico games, see Missions.

Tropico contains 9 scenarios (called missions in other games of the series). The scenarios place you in charge of different islands, each with its own goals to accomplish. The scenarios do not follow a linear storyline but some details may carry over from one to another. With that said the Strategy sections below may contain minute spoilers on how to complete each mission.

Born again

Description: A devastating earthquake has leveled most of your island. Only a few particular well built estructures have survived (including your palace, of course ... no spence was spare on its construction ) . With only 20 people and almost no infraestructure, rebuild your Island to a thriving happy paradise on earth. Get 300 citizens and happiness to reach 60 before December 31, 1999 . Gameplay: You start as Evita de Peron, $10,000 and 20 people along with the palace, dock, and construction office. Then you duty build almost a farm of corn or fisherman warf, and teamers office obligatory.


Export 100 pineaple, 100 banana and 100 papayas (raw or tinned) before 31 dec 1979

Foresta Island

No common goal, you will be qualificated before 31 dec 1999

Los Exconvictos

Get 200 people and got 50,000 in treasure before 31 dec 1989

Mi Corazon

Keep it in the power for 30 years before 31 dec 1979 in this scenario you are hire for the onu and have three first construction instantly and free but duty gets relations with US cordial and you cannot buy or cheat elections.

New Havana

Get $100,000 Swiss account bank before 31 dec 1999

Green isla

Get $500,000 in income tourism before 30 years before 31 dec 1979

Plantation Paradise

None special objetive test in 50 years before 31 dec 1999

The Mother of all Cigars

Get $2,000,000 in pures before 31 dec 1999

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  • There is a bug in mother of all cigars mission in wich at happen a chart for extranjer newspaper magazine the game stop put black window and close game (only PC), but was repaired in mucho macho and paradise island versions.
  • The mission fruitas depicted the real history of United Fruit Company in wich pay and finances rebellions and coup in distantc countryes of centeramerica for put dictadors and presidents wichs was puppets of the company intentions .
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