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Miss Pineapple is the representative of the Intellectuals in Tropico 4.

While extremely intelligent, she is also a rather promiscuous woman who punishes her high school students with spankings and works a show at the island's cabaret. Her overt sexuality may be justified, since most Tropicans aren't very intellectual and need "encouragement" in order to aspire to higher education. Her name may be linked to the shape of her head.


Main Campaign

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After a defective Chinese drill fails to free miners trapped underground during the It's All Mine mission, Miss Pineapple chides the presidente for using foreign technology over Tropico's own, personally vouching that Tropican scientists are "experts on drilling." She suggests building an Academy of Science and hiring professors to help research and perfect the drill.

After Tropico starts a campaign of breaking world records in the Tropico Above All mission, Miss Pineapple points out that the academic world of modern mathematics is "like a battlefield but with a lot more gore and fighting" and that anyone who can settle things between mathematicians will win a Nobel Peace Prize. To this end, she suggests hiring a few generals, saying that mathematicians "are not hard to break."

In the Bickering Factions mission, Miss Pineapple publicly calls General Rodriguez an "illiterate warmonger" for wanting to expand Tropico's military instead of funding her S.E.T.I. project. If the presidente sides with her, she will praise the decision and ask for 5 radar dishes to scan for "extra-Tropican" intelligence. If the presidente sides with General Rodriguez instead, she expresses disappointment and remarks that the island's students have organized protests against the military expansion.

While Tropico is attempting to become the best contender for hosting the Olympic Games in the The Olympic Heist, Miss Pineapple first asks if the presidente could set her up with Jorge, Tropico's star athlete and the presidente's second nephew, and - more seriously - suggests building two radio stations to broadcast the games.

After printing a newspaper ad for the missing El Toucan fails to turn up any leads in The Blind Revolution, Miss Pineapple chides the presidente for not asking for her help first and suggests that building a radio station would help the news travel further. Once the station is built, however, she finds that there are unauthorized radio transmissions already occurring on the island.

While the presidente is trying to combat Generalissimo Santana's resistance movement in Best Served Cold, Miss Pineapple notes that Santana never supported free speech on the island and suggests hiring journalists to prove the presidente's regime is better. Her dialogue hints that she may have had relations with Santana at some point.

When the presidente takes control of the heavily corrupt Costa Laplata in Operation Endgame, Miss Pineapple expresses disappointment when the "cute" UN Interior Inspector invites the Inquisition to monitor the island's morals. Once the Interior Inspector leaves, she immediately complains that the Education Inspector has enacted political education classes and that an officer for one such class told her she wasn't properly dressed. After Brunhilde Van Hoof "somehow" sends a hoard of violent criminals to the island, she decries that the Defense Inspector has enacted martial law.

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Modern Times Campaign

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In The Truth is Out There, Miss Pineapple begins to suspect that something is wrong with Penultimo due to his strange behavior, such as writing her a love letter without a single spelling mistake. She suggests building a hospital in order to investigate the issue. When the doctors there find a change in Penultimo's physiology, she asks for a radio station to contact Dr. Steinschneider with, who confirms that the current Penultimo is actually a clone.

After the presidente begins building on the highly seismic Piedra Island in The Shakes, Miss Pineapple offers $20,000 to build a weather station with the seismic detector upgrade to ensure that people are kept safe from earthquakes.

While the presidente is trying to delay General Igor Fedorov's plan to invade the US in Countdown to Oblivion, Miss Pineapple - after a "heated discussion" with Agent Sasha - says that she came up with an idea; build a burlesque theater to distract the Soviet soldiers with.

If the presidente accuses Miss Pineapple of bombing the Tropican ministry in War on Terror, she'll explain that if she was responsible for the bombing, she'd be smart enough to mislead the investigation into thinking someone else did it. The false accusation naturally upsets the intellectuals.

Miss Pineapple is the first to notice strange behavior in Tropican citizens in Presidente vs. Zombies. Believing that the behavior is caused by all the new radio signals on the island, suggests building an array of nuclear-powered radar dishes to counteract the signals. Unfortunately, this just makes matters worse, turning people on the island into zombies, apparently including her. At first, Miss Pineapple acts appalled, especially when she realizes that some of the people who become zombies lose their intelligence and educations. However, by the end of the mission, her condition advances to where she's actively helping the zombies, such as organizing them to cause earthquakes by jumping simultaneously.

In The Show Must Go On, Miss Pineapple can be selected to host the competitive music show The Tropican Factor. Though she doesn't earn as much money up front as the other host choices (Sunny Flowers and Penultimo), she's very popular among officer workers and will earn much more than the other hosts if there are many office workers on the island.

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