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Ministers are men and women who have been appointed to an office of Tropico's ministry by the presidente. Many edicts and special buildings require a minister of some kind.

Minister Requirements

There are five different ministries that you can assign a citizen to be the minister of. In order to qualify for being a minister, a person needs to have 16% skill in a profession related to the ministry position.

Ministry position Professional experience required
Minister of the Economy Banker, shopkeeper, journalist, or customs officer
Minister of Education Teacher or professor
Minister of Foreign Affairs Bureaucrat or journalist
Minster of the Interior Policeman, SWAT member, or secret agent
Minister of Defence Soldier or general.

Once a ministry slot has been filled, you can use edicts that fall under that ministry. For example, to issue the Amnesty edict, you need a Defense minister. In addition, certain buildings will require you to have a minister, such as an economic minister to build airports and the stock exchange.

Random Events

In addition to unlocking edicts and buildings, ministers will occasionally have random events. These can be good or bad, depending on the stats of the minister (Intelligence, Courage, and Leadership), all three of which should be as high as possible.

Ministers with poor stats will occasionally cause gaffes. These require you to either fire the minister and look for a replacement or suffer some kind of consequence, such as reduced foreign relations or a rebel attack.