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Military Squads are the main form of defense in Tropico 5.


Name Attack HP
Colonial Infantry 40 800
Elite Infantry 40 900
Infantry 50 900
Commandos 60 900
Rangers 40 900
Elite Rangers 60 900
Special Forces 70 1100
Modern Infantry 60 900
Militia 25 800
Angry Mob 25 800
Rebels 60 700
Pirates 50 600
Tanks 100 3000
Tanks MKII 100 3600
Jet Fighters 120 2000

Tropican Military

Weakest form of defense. Able to explore island.
Upgraded form of Colonial Infantry. Squad health increased by 100.
Modern form of defense. If allied with the Allies during the World Wars and the Axis sends an invasion, then the Allies will send two squads of infantry as reinforcement.
Modern form of Elite Infantry. If USA is made an ally during the Cold War and Modern Times and another foreign power invades, then USA will send 3 squads of Commandos as reinforcement.
Unlocked in Modern Times. Highest attack rate. EU ally will send 2 squads during an invasion.
Tanks and Tanks MKII conform the smallest squads in the game (only 3), and the slowest, but they are capable of resisting and inflicting lots of damage. Allying with the Axis, USSR, or Russia will get you 2 squads of Tanks during an Invasion.
Weak, but compensate in numbers. They're useful when you can't afford a proper military.
Exploration of the island, and so do it automatically. Still, they are well capable of combat.
Upgraded form of Rangers. Unlocked in Cold War.
Anti-infantry vehicles. Largest armored squad.

Enemy Military

Unhappy citizens during periods of very high unrest. Physically weak, but strength in numbers.
Foreign power's elite troops.
Foreign power's main troops.
Foreign power's fastest attacking troops.
Will assist their foreign power's infantry during an invasion.
Only appear in Colonial Era.
Displeased citizens (often Communists). Often appear from residential areas to destroy buildings. They usually disappear after destroying their target, with a rare chance to target the Palace afterwards.
Royal Soldiers of the Crown. Can invade when the King is not happy with the governor or after declaring independence.
Tropico 5 Military Squads
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