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The Militarists are one of the political factions in Tropico 6. The times of unrest and rise of extremism of the World Wars Era allow the rise of this faction to prominence, and manages to stay somewhat afloat up until this day. Discipline, uniformity, and strength are pillars of their creed.

General Rodriguez

Do not fear the sanctity of your borders, Presidente, for I, General Rodrigo Rodriguez, lead your army! The very model of a modern armchair general, my lack of direct wartime experience gives me edge, as my stratagems are completely unadulterated by any knowledge of past battles! I can therefore guarantee that the enemy will be surprised!

Likes and Dislikes

T6 like icon.png They like governmental tools that strengthens the government and improve security, even at the cost of liberty, in addition to buildings that contributes to military strength.
T6 dislike icon.png They dislike buildings and governmental tools that in their opinion weaken Tropico by putting too much focus on "unimportant" topics like education, welfare, and the environment.

Constitutional Stances

T6 constitution icon.png
  • Armed Forces: Professional Soldiers
  • Separation of Powers: No Separation
  • Edicts: Military Police

Building Preferences

  • Military and raid buildings
  • Weapons Factory
    They supply weapons for the military
  • Media buildings like Movie Theater
    As long as they provide propaganda movies to get more people to join the army)
  • Night Club
    They like the laser show
  • Roller-coaster
  • Apartment
    Apparently even soldiers can only live inside barracks for so long)
  • Hospital
    Two words: Army Medic