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Arab Union of the Middle East is a foreign power in Tropico 5.

The Middle East becomes prominent in Modern Times.

Unlike most superpowers in Modern Times, the Middle East does not send foreign aid every year. Instead, the money it does send is wired to the El Presidente's Swiss Bank Account.


  • Voting Rights: Male Citizens Vote
  • Religion and State: Atheist State
  • Armed Forces: Conscription
  • Political Rights: Police State
  • Labor Policy: Happy Childhood
  • Citizenship: Guarded Heaven
  • Personal Rights: Security Surveillance
  • Economy Structure: Plutocracy
  • Media Independence: Subsidized Media
  • Digital Rights: Fight Piracy
  • Globalization: Strategic Sector
  • Ecology: Energy Efficiency


  • Voting Rights: All Citizens Vote
  • Religion and State: Secular State
  • Armed Forces: Militia
  • Political Rights: Totalitarian State
  • Labor Policy: Work For All
  • Citizenship: Immigrants Nation
  • Personal Rights: Open Society
  • Economy Structure: Planned Economy
  • Media Independence: Independent Media
  • Digital Rights: Total Firewall
  • Globalization: Protectionism
  • Ecology: Zero Emissions
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