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Marco Moreno is the representative of the rebels in Tropico 4's main campaign and replaces Comrade Vasquez as the representative of the Communists in Tropico 6. He has extremely strong communist sentiments, to the point where even communist regimes come across as too capitalist for his tastes.

Tropico 4

Main Campaign

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When the presidente tries to get famous by inviting US senator Nick Richards and Generalissimo Santana to a political meeting, Marco Moreno introduces himself, angry that "imperialists and despots" are invited but not a representative of common people. Taking such a role on himself, he asks that Tropico's military forces guarantee his safety. However, he's wanted by the CIA for suspected terrorist activities and Ambassador Crane offers money in exchange for the presidente betraying him to the CIA. If this is done, Marco will escape and send several rebels to the island in revenge.

Marco Moreno appears again in Bickering Factions, saying that he's keeping a wary eye on the presidente's regime for any signs of oppression. He'll naturally be infuriated if the presidente creates a capitalist economy, but even creating a communist one upsets him as he believes the presidente is forcing the people to work on the farms. Once angered, he'll begin sending rebels to the island while the presidente works out the conflicts between the island's factions. After all of them have been sorted, Marco will announce that the presidente has two years to surrender before he sends his rebel force to destroy the palace.

After the presidente builds a radio station to help locate the missing El Toucan in The Blind Revolution, Marco Moreno reveals that he has kidnapped the bird and is demanding a $40,000 "donation" to the revolution for its safe return. Whether the money is paid or the rebels are defeated, Marco will return the bird, praise the presidente's valor, and asks whether the presidente cares for the revolution or not. If the presidente says yes, Marco will ask that they prove it by improving the island's healthcare and housing, ensuring that the people are well-informed and literate, and donating money to the revolution. If the presidente says no, Marco will wager that, if the presidente can out-class him in military might, he'll join the presidente's side as an advisor. Whichever path they choose, the rebels on the island will tell Marco that they wish to quit fighting. Not wanting to force them to fight, Marco allows them to leave the revolution and asks if the presidente wants to accept the college-educated ex-rebels as citizens or wants the $15,000 worth of gold they were using as funds.

In To Bait Fish Withal, Marco Moreno leaves for the island of Puerto Gato to help its rebels liberate it from Generalissimo Santana. Once he's there, he asks for 3 secret agents to serve as liaisons between himself, the presidente, and the rebels. With the agents in place, Marco will begin giving the presidente rewarding opportunities to support the rebellion. These tasks including hiring journalists to cover the rebellion sympathetically, covertly helping arm the rebellion by exporting pineapples in cans made of military-grade metal which the rebels can retrofit into weapons, explosives, and armor, and having a newspaper to print revolutionary pamphlets. He'll also report a $10,000 grant from the US Ornithology Society after Santana has all toucans on the island killed out of spite for the presidente.

After Santana is deposed in Best Served Cold, he flees into the island's jungles to begins a resistance movement among the population. Eventually, Marco Moreno asks for an army of soldiers and generals to defeat Santana and his rebels. While Tropico's army is expanding, Marco will discover that one of the generals is working with the resistance to plan a coup and asks that the traitor be executed before the conflict happens. He'll also present the option of destroying the island's Eternal Flame and Santana's childhood museum, both of which are considered monuments of Santana's regime, the destruction of which would enrage resistance members and cause them to openly rebel.

While the presidente is trying to earn money to uncover the conspiracy against them in Forgiveness, Marco Moreno says that he'll donate $70,000 if the presidente can prove that they care about the people's liberty.

While trying to find an American spy in The Clandestine War, the presidente may either decode secret radio transmissions from the spy's contact on the island or simply send money to the contact for information. The spy's contact turns out to be Marco Moreno and, if the presidente discovered this by bribing him, Marco will hypocritically lecture the presidente for using Tropico's money to fund violent revolutionaries like him, even as he's accepting and pocketing the cash. He'll also happily give away information on the spy, simply because the presidente paid him more than the spy did.

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Modern Times Campaign

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When Dr. Steinschneider begins building a goat-powered mind control device to counteract the effects of the Conclave's sheep-powered one in Keep Calm And Carry On, he claims that rebels work just as good as goats. Marco Moreno says that he'd like to help but the island doesn't have a Stock Exchange for his rebels to protest about corporate greed around. He offers to send 2 rebels to the island every year until one is built.

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Tropico 6


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