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A Manager is a citizen in Tropico 5 who can provide certain bonuses to buildings upon being hired.

Research points can be used to unlock three different manager skills from the technology tree:

Tropico 5 Managers
Manager Skill
Administrator Maximum number of customers serviced increased by 10% (Max 30%)
Agent Detects the hidden roles of 20% of the workers in the building
Agitator Increases workers approval for the regime by 1
Altruist Increases wealth for 20% of the workers in the building (Max 100%)
Celebrity Hotels effectiveness increased by 10 (Max 20)
Cheapskate Budget of the managed building decreased by 10%
Environmentalist Reduces pollution in the vicinity by 10 (Max 30)
Financier Increases building revenue by 5%
Foreman Effectiveness increased and job quality reduced by 10 (Max 20)
General Military buildings effectiveness increased by 10 (Max 20)
Green Thumb Increases beauty in the vicinity by 10 (Max 30)
Inventor Generates Research Points proportional to the building effectiveness. Monthly base 10 RP (Max 20)
Landlord Increases housing quality of nearby residences by 5 (Max 10)
Magnate Mining and Oil building effectiveness increased by 10 (Max 20)
Mentor Effectiveness for other nearby buildings increased by 1 (Max 5)
Moneygrubber Increases budget by 5% (Max 6%). Stolen money goes to the Swiss bank account.
Supervisor Building effectiveness increased by 2 (Max 10)
Tactician Managed building is 20% more durable against attacks (Max 100%)
Tycoon Effectiveness on maximum budget increased by 10 (Max 20)
Union Leader Worker job quality increased by 10 (Max 30)