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Tropico 6 - El Presidente Wants You! (Beta Trailer - English)

Tropico 6 - El Presidente Wants You! (Beta Trailer - English)


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  • Mr Fortran

    With the coming of a new installment of the Tropico series and all the changes it brings, like politics (separation of powers, religion and state, courthouse, the ministry coming back, etc), military, among other things, should the Tropico (Nation) article itself be split into separate versions of …

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  • AgnosticPriest

    Broken Images

    January 28, 2017 by AgnosticPriest

    Recently, it seems that many of the head images on Tropico 5 pages have gone missing for me. The infoboxes that normally contain them also display some of the formatting information. Is anyone else having this problem?

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  • CommunistGamer

    I thought about this We already have the Swiss Bank account as something very rare, for not say unique, in city-builder games, personal money

    But, what if we had more control over Presidente/a (Presidenta is female for President in spanish) like, for example: (Everything said here is based in Tropic…

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