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Lord Roger Wyndham is the representative of The Crown; the first foreign power you'll meet in Tropico 6 during the Colonial Era. He will remain in his function until the player advances to the World Wars by declaring independence.


"Now then, you should know who I am. Lord Roger Wyndham, right hand of the Crown. At least I was, until... humph, well, that not your concern! I'm here to whip you lazy tropical types into shape for the Empire. You'll find me firm but unfair, which is how it should be. So I don't want to hear any whining! Now, where are my slippers...?" - Lord Roger Wyndham's introduction.

Lord Roger Wyndham welcomes the player by saying: "Hello there! You must be the new Governor. I'm Lord Wyndham, voice of the Crown, and it's your job to do as I say! Until your mandate runs out, at least."

"Oh don't sulk, I'm sure you'll last a long time! Lord knows I don't want to do this by myself. Let's start with a sugar plantation, yes?"

After the initial greeting, the player is given the task to build a sugar Plantation.