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Lord Oaksworth is the first character that appears in Tropico 5. He was the Emissary of the Crown to Tropico and later on becomes Tropico's Emissary to foreign powers. He is portrayed in voice by Glen McCready

During the Colonial Era, Lord Oaskworth is an advisor of El Presidente and delegate from The Crown. He briefs El Presidente of various absurd ideas of the Crown, such as the exportation of sugar for construction of an underwater mansion or that of meats to the Enemies to get them fat and to make them lazy. However, he would occasionally help the Presidente in his missions and mandate's extension.

In the World Wars (1914-1945), he becomes the Minister of Foreign Affairs and a supporter for the Religious, as a proud conservative. He hates the The Allies ironically for their pride and hubris, but fears The Axis for their aggressive nature. However, he managed to maintain a strong friendship and with the French Resistance's leader.


His appearance is based on defunct aristocrat and journalist Lord John Geoffrey Tristram Lawrence, Baron of Oaksey.

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