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Lord Chuffney is the representative of the EU in Tropico 4.

He is a haughty European aristocrat who's mainly interested in Tropico for its exotic appeal and products.

Tropico 4

Lord Chuffney makes his sole official appearance in Independence Day after the presidente deliberately sends a former British colony into debt to get Europe's attention. The ruse works and, despite Britain's objection to it, Lord Chuffney presents the island with the 'Roadmap to a Bright Colonial Future,' which outlines the steps needed to become a European colony; namely having a pub, new houses, and a population that supports constitutional monarchies. Once all three steps are fulfilled, Chuffney will welcome the island as a European colony then immediately begin patronizing it. Eventually, he reports that Europe has decided to reinstitute the island as a penal colony and asks that a prison and police station to be built before sending a large number of convicts to the island on a freighter. Later on, he asks that a radio station be built to bring the BBC to the island, which he remarks is a boring place.


  • He is the character in Tropico 4 with the least scripted appearances, uniquely only having a role in a single mission.
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