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Liberty is a happiness factor in Tropico 3, Tropico 4, and Tropico 5. It measures how free the island's citizens feel. A citizen's liberty satisfaction is determined by the level of liberty in the areas around their homes and their workplaces. Liberty is highly prized in the Western world (the US and EU) but China prefers oppressive governments.

Tropico 3 / Tropico 4

The initial level of liberty for the whole island is determined by the current presidente's Background and Rise To Power; islands ruled by presidentes who rose to power with free elections and good policies will have higher levels of liberty than islands ruled with police or military backgrounds or who rose to power from coups or being installed by intelligence agencies.

Local liberty can be altered by certain jobs; journalists - especially those working for the BBC or Radio Free Tropico - will raise liberty levels around their workplace while soldiers, generals, SWAT members, and - to a lesser degree - policemen will lower liberty levels. This can be offset somewhat by enacting Sensitivity Training.

Placing statues will help raise crime safety at the expense of some of the local liberty.

Finally, certain edicts will diminish the island's overall liberty, such as an Anti-Litter Ordinance, the Inquisition, Martial Law, Police State, and Internet Police.

It should be noted that secret agents and Wiretapping don't hurt the island's liberty, since almost all citizens are unaware of them.

Tropico 5

Certain buildings affect the quality of liberty in the following ways:

Liberty Buildings
Building Quality
Newspaper 40
High School 20
Library 20
College 20
Observatory 20
Army Base -10
Barracks -10
Guard Tower -20
Palace -20