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Leon Kane is a main character in Tropico 5 Main Campaign, and is one of the main antagonists of the story. He is the leader of The Order in the Americas, and the mentor and friend of El Presidente.

During the first mission of the campaign, Leon Kane shows himself, claiming that he is the leader of "The Order", a secret organization that is "The salvation of mankind". During the campaign, Kane is giving El Presidente different tasks (like becoming friend with the US president Thompson).

Later, El Presidente it's announced by Penultimo that Leon Kane was assassinated. Then, after the mission "MAD" it's revealed that Leon Kane faked his own death, to make his enemies lose his track. Then, he asks El Presidente to export 20 000 uranium, because The Order is saving resources for the future. At the end of the mission ("Day Zero"), it is revealed by Penultimo that Leon Kane sent all the uranium to a terrorist organization. El Presidente is asked by Penultimo to demolish all the uranium mines. After the mines are demolished, Leon Kane reveals his plan: To launch a nuclear attack across the whole world, and to kill most of the world's population. Then, after the nuclear war will end, he will build a better world, together with the survivors.

During the mission "Back to the past", Abraham Zweistein plans to build a time machine, so he, El Presidente and his family will travel back in time, before Leon Kane will launch a nuclear war. During the mission, Leon Kane asks El Presidente to join his plan (if the player agrees to join the plan, he/she will fail the mission).

After El Presidente travels back in the past, he changes the history, and eventually kills Leon Kane, during the mission "Leon must die" before he will mention about the "Day Zero" operation. After Leon's death, his apprentice, Adriana Diaz will take his place, and will continue the operation.

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