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Keith Preston is a character in Tropico 4's main campaign. He's the billionaire CEO of Fruitas LTD and is interested in the goods of Tropico, especially mining ones.

During the IMPORTant Business mission, he refers to people who use coffee shops in the US as "snobbish Yankees," indicating he's likely from the southern US. This notion is supported by the thick southern accent he speaks in in-game.

Main Campaign

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In the It's All Mine mission, he sends a $10,000 check to the presidente to start iron mining operations then introduces himself, saying that his usual suppliers have been disturbed by "some pesky human rights activists" and that he's looking for a new business partner in the presidente. He quickly shows that he's not above ruthless and occasionally underhanded business tactics, such as dropping the price of iron to get rid of some competition or building enough mines to be able to influence the global markets. When demand for iron drops, he suggests that the presidente export gold, bauxite, or even salt instead and eventually offers to hire prospectors, splitting the cost evenly at $10,000 each. When an earthquake hits the island, causing a mine to collapse with the miners trapped inside, he largely ignores the issue until the last minute, when he sends $15,000 to the island simply because "bad PR equals bad business."

In the IMPORTant Business mission, he writes up a contract where he gives $20,000 to the presidente and sends educated immigrants to Tropico in order to develop industry on the island of Yermo Encarnado, in exchange for 20% of the profits. However, he makes sure to add a clause in the contract that gives him the right to take over the island if he feels its not making enough money. Because the island lacks resources and needs to rely on imports, he uses his business connections to lower import prices. Throughout the mission, his typical greedy and unethical behavior continues. When labor unions prevent him from firing some of his less-hardworking employees, he tries to pay the presidente to allow him to ship them to Tropico as workers. When an employee of his creates an intelligence-boosting machine and gets kidnapped by the KGB, he seems more interested in testing the device than saving his employee. He also associates with a "business partner" in need of a large shipment of weapons for to supply to both sides of a gang war.

After the presidente is blamed for the assassination of the US president and is forced into hiding, Penultimo gives them the option to discretely mail a letter to Keith Preston in the Survival mission. Keith responds by saying he's never met the presidente and demands not to be contacted again.

In Fruity Business, the presidente turns Tropico into Fruitas Ltd.'s main competitor and quietly begins buying the company 1% at a time. However, Keith Preston soon notices the effort and warns the presidente to stop, saying that he's used his connections to get people to stop buying goods made on the island. When this fails to stop the presidente, Keith uses his vast funds to get back some of the stocks, sends some of his men to establish a 'workers syndicate' to turn the island's workforce against the presidente, and even locks the remaining 1% of the stocks in a heavily-guarded fortress in Tibet. Despite all this, the presidente still manages to become the majority shareholder of Fruitas Ltd. and immediately fires Keith from his position as CEO.

In The Olympic Heist, Keith Preston invests his every asset into the three most likely countries to host the Olympics, hoping to recoup his losses. When he finds out that the presidente intends to steal the Olympics for Tropico, Keith Preston begins using tactics he claims even he regrets using, such as having an agent infiltrate the island to go on a bombing spree, sending a mysteriously large number of immigrants to the island, using his connections to cause the price of all Tropican exports to plummet, spreading lies to the tabloids to ruin Tropico's tourism industry, and simply bribing Olympics officials.

Eventually, the presidente's name is cleared and they return to their original rule. Eventually, in Forgiveness, Keith Preston contacts the presidente, saying that he wasn't completely bankrupted by the heist and has instead started working in the mining business again. He offers a deal to the presidente, asking them to build mines and give 70% of the profits to him for 2 years in exchange for $70,000 in Swiss bank funds.


  • His appearance is heavily based on Eli M. Black and the fictional character of The Dukes of Hazzard TV Series Boss Hogg
  • He dresses like a banker (or, perhaps, bankers dress like him out of admiration).
  • Although the company is named Fruitas, he seems to be more interested in mineral rights than agriculture. This suggests Preston has diversified holdings in case of blight and drought.
  • His name is the result of a combination of two last names, Minor C. Keith and Andrew W. Preston, who were the co-founders of United Fruit Company, a tropical fruit trading corporation that controlled vast territories and transportation networks in South and Central America and maintained near monopolies in some areas, and who also in 1951 with CIA assistance orchestrated a coup in Guatemala to overthrow Jacabo Arbenez who was trying to nationalize uncultivated land.
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