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Jorge Oliviera is an unseen character in Tropico 4. He is an extremely athletic but also incredibly dumb farmer. According to Penultimo, he's also the presidente's second nephew.

Tropico 4

Main Campaign

While Tropico is attempting to host the Olympics in The Olympic Heist, Penultimo discover's Jorge's athletic abilities and quickly plans to use him to get the bid for the Olympics. Unfortunately, several problematic events arise due to Jorge's stupidity, such as him leaving without telling anyone, losing his right leg and requiring an expensive prosthetic, or getting heavily drunk right before a competition. Eventually, Penultimo will get so frustrated with Jorge's unreliable nature that he suggests building an Academy of Science and having a pair of clones of the star so that the island always has one on hand.

Modern Times

In the description for the Metro Station, it is stated that the tunnels the Metro were built in were dug by Jorge with a spoon during his training for the Olympics.

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