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A Job is the role of a Tropican citizen in the nation's workforce economy.

Adult Tropicans (age 13 and up) will automatically seek out any jobs available to people with their level of education, favoring jobs that provide the highest possible Job Quality. If no jobs are available to them, the citizen will either seek out an education (if they are smart enough to get one and there are high quality jobs open to educated citizens) or will remain unemployed. Unemployed citizens are frustrated with their situation and, in Tropico 4, will eventually turn to crime if job opportunities don't open up.


Every job has its own skill related to the job. As a citizen remains employed in a certain job, they begin to gain experience in their job's skill. The higher a citizen's skill is in their job, the more efficient they are at it.

The rate at which workers gain skill can be influenced by the presidente's background, certain edicts, and the educational TV show 'Learning with Larry.'

In Tropico 4, a level of experience in certain jobs are a prerequisite for appointing a citizen as a minister.

List of Jobs

Name Place(s) of Employment Education Required Gender Notes
Attendant The Balloon Ride, Beach Sites, Tour Offices, Zoos, Pools, Spas, Marinas, Ferris Wheels, the Rollercoaster, and the Aqua Park None Male
Banker Banks and National Banks College Male
Barmaid Night Clubs and Pubs None Female
Bishop Cathedrals and Diamond Cathedrals College Male
Builder Construction Offices None Both
Bureaucrat The Foreign Office and Immigration Office High School Female
Child None None Both Children will become adults when they turn 13.
Cook The Cosmic Pin, Gourmet Restaurants, Restaurants, and Ship-O-Rants None Female
Criminal None None Both Unemployed citizens in Tropico 4 will eventually become criminals and will need to be arrested before they'll look for another job.
Customs Officer The Customs Office High School Male
Dockworker Docks and Tourist Docks None Male
Doctor Clinics, Hospitals, and Sanatoriums College Male
Engineer Airports, Aerodromes, Oil Refineries, Oil Wells, Power Plants, and the Telecom HQ. College Female
Factory Worker Canneries, Car Factories, Cement Factories, the Chemical Plant, Cigar Factories, Electronics Factories, Furniture Factories, Jewelry Factories, Lumber Mills, Rum Distilleries, and Weapons Factories. High School Both
Farmer Bio Farm, Farm, Organic Ranches, Plantations, and Ranches. None Both
Fireman Fire Stations High School Male
Fisherman Fisherman's Wharves and Fish Farms None Male
Garbageman Garbage Dumps and Water Treatment Plants None Male
General Armories and Army Bases. College Male The Militarists want at least 1 general for every soldier to maintain discipline.
Journalist Museums of Modern Art, Newspapers, Radio Stations, and TV Stations College Female The US is favorable to having a large number of journalists hired.
Lumberjack Logging Camps None Male
Maid Beach Villas, Bungalows, Hotels, Luxury Hotels, Motels, the Skyscraper Hotel, the Seven-Star Hotel, and the Luxury Liner. None Female
Miner Borehole Mines, Excavation Sites, Mines, and Salt Mines None Male
Minister The Ministry None Both Ministers are appointed, not hired. To be a minister, a citizen needs a certain level of skill in a job related to the position.
Mother None None Female Women married to men have a random chance of becoming mothers. They'll continue to work their usual job for a while but will eventually return home to have a child.
Native Cocktail Bars, Ethnic Enclaves, and Voodoo Manors None Both
Office Worker The Babel Tower and Business Centers None Both
Pit Boss Casinos High School Male
Policeman Dungeons, Police Stations, and Prisons High School Male
Priest Churches High School Male
Pro Athlete Sports Complexes High School Male
Professor The Academy of Science, the Botanical Garden, Colleges, Colonial Museums, Horticulture Stations, Museums, the Nuclear Power Plant, the Nuclear Program, Radar Dishes, and the Weather Station College Male
Ranger ? ? ? So far found only in Tropico 4's game files.
Rebel None None Both Citizens become rebels when they get particularly angry at the government. The only way to turn rebels back into productive citizens is by offering them amnesty.
Retiree None None Both All Tropicans retire at age 65.
Secret Agent The Secret Police College Male or Female
Shopkeeper Childhood Museums, Marketplaces, Shopping Malls, Souvenir Shops, and Supermarkets High School Female
Showgirl Cabarets and Theaters None Female
Soldier Bunkers, Guard Stations, the Mausoleum, and the Palace High School Male The Militarists want at least 1 soldier for every 30 citizens.
Stock Broker The Stock Exchange College Male
Student None None or High School Both Students will gain experience based on the skill of their instructors every time they "work." When they reach the maximum level of skill in being a student, their education level will go up and they'll become unemployed.
SWAT Member SWAT HQs and the Presidency High School Male
Teacher Grade Schools and High Schools High School Female
Teamster Garages and Teamster's Offices None Male
Unemployed None None Both Unemployed citizens earn no money and may become criminals in order to get some.