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For generic mission description, See Missions_(Tropico_3)#The_Toady.
Not all choices where explored; missing messages possible. Conditional messages listed may not be your experience.
Randomly timed Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Economic Crisis and Llama Flu may occur.

Messages 1950-59
T3-T50-1.jpg T3-T50-3.jpg
T3-T50-9.jpg T3-T59-3.jpg
Messages 1959-63
T3-T59-6.jpg T3-T61-12.jpg
T3-T61-8.jpg T3-T63-5.jpg
Messages 1968-79
T3-T68-6.jpg T3-T69-6.jpg
T3-T79-5.jpg T3-T79-6.jpg