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The Intellectuals are one of the political factions in Tropico 6. They are some of the most recent political groups to reach relevancy. They are open-minded globalists who challenge the Conservatives' old ways of thinking and doing things. Their mission is to help Tropico progress into the future through education.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes: They like progress, building with new technologies, and governmental tools that improves conditions for the people and the environment with the vision of peaceful global society.
  • Dislikes: They dislike old-fashioned religious and military traditions. They dislike edicts and work modes that promotes backwards thinking or the exploitation of minorities.

Constitutional Stance


  • Armed Forces: Pacifist State
  • Voting Rights: All Citizens Vote
  • Religion and State: Atheist State
  • Ecology: Zero Emission
  • Media Independence: Free Media
  • Separation of Powers: True Separation
  • Personal Rights: Privacy Rights
  • Marriage Rights: Open Marriage
  • Global Market Economy: International Trade Partnership
  • Edicts: Cultural Diversity, Policy of Detente, Audience, Literacy Program, Spelling Bee, Knownledgio Sinco

Preferred Buildings

  • Modern Apartements and Modern Mansions
  • Fish Farm, Hydroponic Plantation, Factory Ranch, Automated Mine
  • Educational buildings such as High School, College, Library, and Research Lab
  • Wind Turbine and Solar Power Plant
  • Arcade
  • Gourmet Restaurant
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Space Program
  • Cyber Operations Center
  • Waste Treatment Facility


  • The Intellectuals seems to be at odds with not only the Conservatives, but also Religious and Militarists.


Hacking Attack: You will lose all knownledge points and Swiss Bank money. Tourist ratings will be set to 0. Buildings will not generate knownledge points. You will not be able to interact with the broker. All effects will last for one year.