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Infantry is a type of military squad in Tropico 5.

They are Tropico's main standing army, they're the successors of the Colonial Infantry in its role: to serve and protect the Fatherland.

These soldiers garrison structures like Barracks, Army Bases and upgraded Guard Towers. They form squads in the former, form armored brigades in the second and man machine guns emplacements in the latter, respectively. They can also replace the musketeers of any Military Fort.

The Barracks infantry can receive Special Training to turn into Modern Infantry in Modern Times.

The effectiveness of Infantry can be increased with the Military Drills (temporarily) and Right To Arms (until revoked) edicts.

Physical appearance

Infantrymen wear the following military attire:

  • Helmet (green camo) for men
  • Military cap (green camo) for women
  • Camouflaged military uniform (green)
  • Bulletproof vest (green camouflage)
  • Belt (with 2 ammunition pouches)
  • Army boots (black)
  • M16A2 assault rifle


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