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The Industrialists are one of the political factions in Tropico 6. Foreign powers reducing their exports to the rest of the world due to the World Wars made countries like Tropico adopt Import Substitution Industrialization policies, this resulted in new powerful Captains of Industry who managed to gain political influence and establish themselves as a faction by the time the Cold War started.

They are passionate about turning Tropico into a powerful economic player. Growth is their aim and exploitation is their means. They even see war as nothing more than another chance to increase sales.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes: All industrial buildings of any kind. They also support education and progress as long as they then foster the exchange of goods.
  • Dislikes: Buildings and governmental tools that improve public welfare and benefit the environment.

Constitutional Stance


  • Voting Rights: Wealthy Citizens Vote
  • Ecology: Economy First
  • Labor Policy: A Life's Work
  • Personal Rights: Security Surveillance
  • Global Market Economy: Protectionism
  • Edicts: Experimental Ground Treatment (they wanted to bury toxic wastes under the back lots of industrial building, in return they will send you a 'care package' to your Zurich Bank Account number), Free Wheels (more car sales), Right To Arms (selling weapons to non-military citizens is profitable. War is good for business, especially civil wars), Industrialization, Urban Development, Agricultural Development, Speedway, Sea Disposal


  • Ecology: Zero Emission
  • Armed Forces: Pacifist State
  • Edicts: Happy Meat (not the most efficient farming method, and the Industrialists are about efficiency), Mandatory Waste Sorting (just don't mention that the industrial buildings are where most of the toxic groundwater has come from)

Building Preferences

  • Factories and industrial buildings of any kind. (duh)
  • Military buildings such as Aircraft Carrier and Nuclear Program(they see war as profitable)
  • Media (with favorites being Next Level newspaper, Tech Talk radio, and Machines Galore TV channel) and education building (as long as they then profits economy)
  • Tenement (workers gotta have a home)
  • Garbage Dump (those industrial wastes gotta go somewhere)
  • Fire Station
  • Power Plants that uses Coal, Oil, and Uranium
  • Automated Mine
  • Factory Ranches


Maximum Exploitation: This escalation will affect all production buildings, industrial buildings, power plants, and nuclear power plants for a year. These buildings will double the pollution, have their job quality capped to only 10, and each workers will lose health happiness every time they work.