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The Industrialists are an internal faction in Tropico 5, becoming relevant during the Cold War.

The Industrialists are all for developing heavy industry and making profits by harvesting the island's raw resources and processing them to produce luxury goods. They do not care about ecology and are always at odds with the Environmentalists.


  • Voting Rights: Wealthy Citizens Vote or Male Citizens Vote
  • Religion and State: N/A
  • Armed Forces: Conscription
  • Political Rights: Totalitarian State or Police State
  • Labor Policy: Happy Childhood or Work For All
  • Citizenship: Visa Program
  • Personal Rights: Open Society
  • Economy Structure: Free Market
  • Media Independence: Subsidized Media
  • Digital Rights: N/A
  • Globalization: Strategic Sector
  • Ecology: Economy First
  • Edicts: Geological Survey and Hydraulic Fracking
  • Misc: Inviting either foreign power during the Cold War, Bribed faction leader, New ruler


  • Buildings: N/A
  • Constitutional Stances
  • Voting Rights: All Citizens Vote
  • Religion and State: N/A
  • Armed Forces: Militia
  • Political Rights: N/A
  • Labor Policy: Workers Paradise
  • Citizenship: Immigrants Nation
  • Personal Rights: Total State Control or Security Surveillance
  • Economy Structure: Planned Economy
  • Media Independence: Total Propaganda or Independent Media
  • Digital Rights: Total Firewall or Free Internet
  • Globalization: Protectionism or Open Borders
  • Ecology: Zero Emissions
  • Edicts: "Organic" Campaign, Smoking Ban
  • Misc: N/A
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