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For articles of the same name in other Tropico games, see Goods.

Goods are items in Tropico that are consumed by citizens or exported for income.


Exporting goods is one of the major incomes for an island (the other being Tourism). Certain goods may be used as food and will only be exported if there is a surplus, or they may be processed into more profitable export products.

Raw Goods

Raw Goods are grown or extracted from the earth with no further processing, they are typically sold for much less than the post-processed result. Prices will fluctuate depending on world events, trade agreements, and what year it is; those listed both in-game and below are for each 100 units.

Name Source Default Export Prices
Bananas Farm $800
Bauxite Mine $1600
Beef Ranch $1000
Coffee Farm $1300
Corn Farm $400
Crude Oil Oil Well $900
Fish Fisherman's Wharf $300
Goat Cheese Ranch $700
Gold Mine $3000
Iron Mine $1300
Llama Wool Ranch $1100
Logs Logging Camp $600
Smoked Beef Ranch (with upgrade) $1200
Sugar Farm $800
Pineapple Farm $900
Tobacco Farm $1000

Processed Goods

If an Industrial building is working Teamsters will bring stored goods from a source building. If the building can not find a source of raw materials the workers will have nothing to do (and a sack with a red line will appear above it). As mentioned above the prices here and in-game are per 100 units.

Name Produced In Default Export Prices
Canned Coffee Cannery $2400
Canned Fish Cannery $1000
Canned Pineapple Cannery $1500
Cigars Cigar Factory $3200
Fine Jewelry Jewelry Factory (with upgrade) $6400
Freeze-Dried Coffee Cannery (with upgrade) $3000
Furniture Furniture Factory $2800
Jewelry Jewelry Factory $5300
Lumber Lumber Mill $1500
Machine Cigars Cigar Factory (with upgrade) $2880
Oil Products Oil Refinery $2500
Rum Rum Distillery $2500
Spiced Rum Rum Distillery (with upgrade) $3000
Weapons Weapons Factory $3000