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Goods are items in Tropico that are consumed by citizens, exported for income, or processed into other goods. They are produced by various source buildings and must be hauled between sites by teamsters majority to ports.

Exporting goods is one of the major incomes for an island (the other being Tourism). Certain goods may be used as food and will only be exported if there is a surplus. Prices will fluctuate depending on Ramdon events, missions, the trade delegation edict and the Industry ad edict campaign those listed both in-game and below are for each Charge (5 charges 1 stack).

Raw Good

Raw Goods are grown or extracted from the earth or ocean with no further processing (less smoked beef), they are typically produced quickly, requires a few uneducated workers ,the buildings to produce are small and are build fast, does not need much initial investment and sold for much less than the post-processed result .


  • Corn $400
  • Papaya $600
  • Banana $800
  • Pineapple $900
  • Coffee $1,300
  • Sugar $800
  • Tobacco $1,000


  • Beef $1,000
  • Smoked Beef * $1,200
  • Goat $700

Fisherman´s Wharf

  • Fish $300

Logging Camp

  • Logs $600


  • Iron $1,300
  • Bauxite $1,600
  • Gold $ 3,000

*For produce Smoked Beef Must be updated first the ranch with a smoked house a $2,000.

Processed Goods

The factories or second sector is the improved of the first sector production, generating more profits but requiring large and expensive infrastructure, large amounts of skilled labor (high school graduates) and a very slow production . If an Industrial building is working Teamsters will bring stored goods from a source building and then they will transport manufactured items to ports.


  • Canned Pineapple $1,500
  • Canned coffee $2,400
  • Freeze-Dried $3,000
  • Canned fish $1,000

Rum Distillery

  • Rum $2,500
  • Spiced Rum $3,000

Cigar Factory

  • Cigars $3,200
  • Machine Cigars $2,880

Lumber Mill

  • Lumber $1,500

Furniture Factory

Jewelry Factory

  • Jewelry $5,300
  • Fine Jewelry $6,400


  • For efficient production before building, you must first look in the tier info mod, Overall crop conditions, Overall Mining and Fishing Value ; and construct over or close to green areas ; if you construct in a yellow or red area the source building will give low production and little profitability.
  • Build one teamsters office per 4 or 5 Source buildings (farm, mines, wharf, logging camp and factories), the workers can transport the loads themselves but they can only carry a small number of loads and only when they already 20 or more loads in the source Building , losing time and cash in the process .Since there will be an overload and the goods will not be shipped fast enough to cover the production costs and wages , there will be a negative profit in the treasure , this is called stagnation
  • Construct a road very close to the Source buildings the teamsters office and the ports, since if a road is not built the carriers will take a long time to arrive the Source Buildings and crashing people with each other causing more waste of time and stagnation.
  • There must be at least 2 and no more than 3 source buildings per factory, with only one the factory will always have a deficit, If you have 3 or more they will saturate the factories and the product will be exported raw, and you must build another factory.
  • The Factories must be build Between Producer Buildings and Ports .
  • Construct one port each 8 Source Buildings, having a single port for a large production will generate an overload and a stagnation by not selling products quickly. A good indication that the ports are working efficiently is that they never exceed more than 10-13 loads per year , if you see the port with 15 or more loads means you should build another port.
  • The mines must be build close to the deposits but not above, as it would be a waste because the miners can´t dig under this.
  • The logging camp must be build in middle of a large concentration of trees, building away from it will cause loggers to take long trips to collect logs
  • The upgrade horticultural station make appear little trees over the time (if There aren´t Farms, ranch or buildings nearby) and these will be ready to cut in 6-7 years
  • If your island have low vegetation or the trees are to away you can directly plant trees in the landscape tab $50 per each one ,( but not the option that is worth $100) all seven options are useful, the laborers construct them but (the landscape element it's the last thing they build, if there are another buildings in construction), once built you have to wait four years and if there are no more trees nearby the lumberjacks can cut it down.


  • The cheapest food item is the fish ($300) and the more expensive is the Smoked beef ($1,200).
  • In spite of the fish worth is ($300) and the pineapple ($900) you will get more profit per load of canned fish ($1000 ($700 profits)) than from Canned pineapple($1,500($600 profits))
  • The most expensive item in the game is the fine Jewelry ($6,400) and if you have the edict Industry ad campaign this increase ($7,680).
  • The Cheapest source Building is the Ranch ($750) and the most expensive the rum distillery ($22,000)
  • The Cannery has the largest number of different products that it can produce 4 , (but only 3 simultaneously) the another is the mine 3
  • In the landscape tab there are two screens of tree, the first cost $50 have seven options and the trees can be chopped in logging camps, the second have three options worth $100 and cannot be chopped by logs


Most of the goods have a generic image, but some have unique picture in the game .


Farm product Corn, coffee, Pineapple, papaya, all meats

Corn Tropico 1.png

Industrial All

Industrial Goods Tropico 1.png

Rum Tropico 1.png
Fish Tropico 1.png

Tobacco and cigars Tropico 1.png