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The Geothermal Plant creates electricity from harnessing the energy of the magma conduits running in the depths of the island. The giant hamster wheels in the basement are just for fitness exercises, honestly!

A Geothermal Plant is an infrastructure building in Tropico 5. Geothermal plant do not require roads and effectively obsoletes Fossil-Fuel Power Plant, Tidal Power Plant and Nuclear Power Plant in terms of power production efficiency, employment, economy, and environmental variances. On the average budget, a single Geothermal Plants' base power production is equivalent to two Fossil-Fuel Plants (or four Tidal Plants) on maximum budget. Four upgraded maximum budget Geothermal Plants, when place on a volcanic tile, can outproduce a single on maximum budget Nuclear Plant at half the operational costs of importing cost-prohibitive Uranium.


It produces power using the heat of the earth and provides 4 megawatts of power for each point of effectiveness. Effectiveness is increased by +50 and generates an additional 200 MW if placed within the vicinity of a Volcano. Consumers with a higher budget are serviced preferentially.


  • Geo-Thermal plants are capable of producing x2 the energy of conventional electric plants that use coal. They also can provide 1.5 times that of nuclear plants per square tile.
  • 2 geothermal plants take up the same space as 1 nuke plant and provide 3 times the energy. plus they're emissions can be completely removed with the filters.
    • A geothermal plant beside a volcano can provide 3 times the energy of 1 nuclear plant.
  • They don't require a road network and they're smaller than any other energy producer.
  • You also never have to fear about running out of energy.


  • Enhanced Geothermal System - $15,000 The Geothermal Plant no longer produces any pollution.
  • Magma Conduits - $15,000 Effectiveness is increased by +50; adds an additional 200 MW.


Despite being the environmentally cleanest and most economically efficient available option for producing electricity, environmentalists do not approve of the construction of geothermal plants, though they oppose them to a lesser degree than other power plants. Industrialists, however, do support geothermal plants.

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