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Generalissimo Santana is a character in Tropico 4's main campaign and could be considered the representative of the Caribbean as a whole. His appearance is heavily based on Fidel Castro.

Main Campaign

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Generalissimo Santana acts as the presidente's mentor and friend during the Rise to Power mission. He provides a checklist to get the island up and running, makes friendly wagers based on how much Tropico exports, and even gives $10,000 to Tropico if the presidente happens to run out of money.

His habit of wagering continues in the Into the Spotlight mission, where he bets the presidente that they can't buy a bigger boat than his yacht. Later, he - along with US senator Nick Richards and rebel leader Marco Moreno - gets invited to attend a political meeting on the island. He reveals to the presidente that he's always wanted to visit a theme park and asks that a rollercoaster be built on the island before he arrives. Unfortunately, in what is mysteriously known as "the banana shake debacle," an accident occurs while he attempts to use the ride. He urges the presidente to cover up the incident in exchange for money.

After the presidente is blamed for the assassination of the US president and is forced into hiding, Penultimo gives them the option to discretely mail a letter to Generalissimo Santana in the Survival mission. Santana responds by revealing that he was in on the conspiracy against the presidente and is now ruling the nation the presidente fled from. He adds that, if the presidente tries to return, he'll have them either shot or "hired" to polish his boots.

In To Bait Fish Withal, Santana discovers the presidente's new identity and threatens to reveal it to the UN unless they follow his orders. He also claims to be holding the presidente's twin hostage and says that the presidente's palace guards actually work for him. To prove themselves, he asks that the presidente build a rollercoaster and purposefully fall off of it out of revenge for his own accident. Next, he says that all of his island's women mysteriously left Puerto Gato after the presidente was deposed and asks that 10 of Tropico's female citizens be sent to his island. Next, he asks that you produce 100 megawatts of power for his island. If refused, he'll say that the presidente's twin has "generously" decided to boost the island's minimum wage to $15. Next, he says that he wants 3 banks to help launder his money. Refusing him this time will make the presidente's "twin" reveal that all the builders currently working for the presidente are actually criminals. Finally, he says that he needs resources that the international community won't know about, so he'll buy all of Tropico's exports at a discount. This reduces Tropico's export prices by 20% until Penultimo's investigation proves that the presidente's twin is fake, which enrages Santana. Without the presidente's "twin" to use as a bargaining chip, Santana begins threatening to reveal the presidente's identity as he makes more radical demands. He firsts asks that Tropico provide him with weapons at only half price. The presidente can choose to accept the shipment order, accept but send defective weapons, or decline completely, causing Santana to leak information to the CIA, who will sow dissent among the capitalists and lower relations with them by 30. He next asks for 1,000 units of weapons, saying he'll leak details of the presidente's identity to the CIA if his demands aren't met. When he hears that the rebellion on his island is arming themselves, he asks for an armory and two army bases to help expand his military, saying he'll send some information to the US Congress who will debate over Tropico, reducing the respect of the nationalists by 30. Finally, he'll start demanding $10,000 every 6 months, threatening to reveal the presidente's identity to the whole world and lowering all foreign relations by 30 for 6 months whenever he's not paid. This continues until the presidente convinces the US that Santana was behind the plot to kill their president.

After Santana is deposed and the presidente takes over Puerto Gato in Best Served Cold, he flees into the island's jungles to begins a resistance movement among the population. Before leaving, he managed to destroy the island's production centers and, after the presidente comes to power, sends a message to say he planted explosives in the island's power plant as well, demolishing it. However, the presidente begins winning over the support of the people. When the presidente wins an election to stay in power, Santana begins to get more desperate, sending threatening messages and having members of the resistance commit arson. However, with the help of guerrilla warfare expert Marco Moreno, the Tropican army manages to find and defeat Santana, forcing him to surrender. The remaining members of Santana's resistance movement are all either bribed, arrested, killed, or convinced to flee into the jungles as rebels.

Eventually, the presidente's name is cleared and they return to their original rule. However, when a string of mysterious "accidents" happen near them in Forgiveness, the presidente launches an investigation. After arresting an informant, the presidente is contacted by Generalissimo Santana who claims to have no harsh feelings about being ousted and wants to help the presidente since he doesn't like conspiracies to kill dictators. Of course, he doesn't help for free and wants $230,000 out of the presidente's own Swiss bank account first. When this takes some time to accomplish, he asks instead that the presidente set the maximum wage to $1 and give the rest of the money to Santana for 2 years, dropping the amount of money required by $70,000.

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