General Rodriguez is the representative of the Militarists in Tropico 4 and Tropico 6.

Despite being in the military and being very loyal to the presidente, he is unable to participate in battles due to an accident before the presidente rose to power. He gives situation reports on the island's rebels, possible coup d'états, and natural disasters, but he tends to regard everything in military terms, such as referring to hurricanes and tornadoes as "enemies" and addressing tourists as "maggots" while directing them to different attractions on the island as if they were soldiers preparing for battle. He also does not like ruling as if there is a coup and he is asked to assist in establishing a Junta he would prefer not no.

Tropico 4

Main Campaign

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The first appearance of General Rodrigeuz occurs in the Tropico Above All mission. After starting a campaign of breaking world records, General Rodriguez asks for one of them to be "world's strongest army." To accomplish the record, he suggests hiring 5 of Marco Moreno's rebels - the toughest rebels in the world - to attack the island to show off Tropican's military might.

In the Bickering Factions mission, General Rodriguez is publicly called an "illiterate warmonger" by Miss Pineapple for wanting to expand Tropico's military instead of funding her S.E.T.I. project. If the presidente sides with him, Rodriguez will praise the decision and ask for 12 soldiers or generals to defend against Marco Moreno's rebels. If the presidente sides with Miss Pineapple, Rodriguez condemns the decision to ignore the rebel threat, saying that he would resign if he weren't so loyal. Once Marco Moreno declares that his rebels will attack the palace in 2 years, Rodriguez refuses to surrender and asks to recruit as many soldiers and generals as possible before the attack.

Fearing an imminent war that Tropico is unprepared for in Crisis, General Rodriguez asks to set up an armory. Once Tropico's army has been built up and Tropico has begun transitioning into a nuclear power by building a nuclear power plant, Rodriguez will start a nuclear research program to develop weapons.

While Tropico is preparing to host the Olympics in The Olympic Heist, General Rodriguez says that the island will need extra security during the games. Though he says the army can keep order simply by killing a few random civilians every month, he believes the island's citizens and the Olympics Committee would prefer security be handled by an actual police force.

If the presidente refuses peace with Marco Moreno in The Blind Revolution, General Rodriguez will warn that Tropico's army is too understaffed, out-gunned, and out-classed to take on Moreno's rebels. He presents several plans to fix the situation, such as amassing an army of 30 soldiers, building 5 army bases, having a nuclear program, modernizing the military, and donating $40,000 to military salaries.

In Operation Endgame, General Rodriguez becomes furious at the UN Defense Inspector when they threaten to reveal Tropico's nuclear program plans to the world unless the island sells 1,000 units of weapons at a reduced price.

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Modern Times Campaign

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During the panic of the State of Emergency mission, General Rodriguez asks that the island's military be trained as a "doomsday squad" to help combat any potential doomsday scenarios, asking for at least 10 soldiers or generals.

When a devious clone of Penultimo is captured in The Truth is Out There, General Rodriguez is apparently in charge of interrogating him by using Penultimo's fear of heights. The clone eventually gives the location of the real Penultimo in maximum-security military compound. With a force of 30 military units at his disposal, General Rodriguez leads an assault on the compound to free the real Penultimo.

After Tropico is mocked in the media for entering the global War on Terror without any plan on how to actually combat terrorism, General Rodriguez asks the presidente to pick a strategy for finding the terrorists responsible for bombing the island's ministry. If the presidente chooses to use Tropico's military, General Rodriguez will urge them to convert the island's colonial fort into a dungeon to question terror suspects in, allow soldiers to kill several innocents to motivate people to cooperate with the investigation, and even to enact martial law to remove any civil rights that impede the investigation's progress.

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Tropico 6


  • General Rodriguez's facial features are based on those of Luis Guzman, Puerto Rican actor.
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