General Igor Fedorov is a character in Modern Times (Tropico 4). His appearance is heavily based on Joseph Stalin. He is a former member of the KGB and a high-ranking USSR military officer but, due to his strange behavior and militant tendencies, he's regarded as a "delusional, xenophobic megalomaniac" by more level-headed Soviets. He seems willing to use any excuse to mount invasions on other countries, blind to the consequences it may have.

Though he speaks English fluently, his speech is peppered with many Russian words.

Modern Times Campaign

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Agent Sasha first talks about General Igor Fedorov in Countdown to Oblivion, saying that he's a heavily connected ex-KGB officer who is plotting to cause an international incident. Once the presidente wins the general's trust, he says that, although he hates the US like other USSR officials, his true enemy is the Conclave. He seeks to destroy the organization, which he believes is based in Alaska. He says that he's planning to invade the US state, even if it means starting World War 3, and asks that the presidente develop Tropico into a naval base. The presidente goes along with the general's plans, all the while acting to delay them and stave off the threat of war. When the presidente's secret police manage to capture a Conclave agent, Fedorov immediately heads to Tropico to personally oversee the interrogation. When the agent says that the Conclave purposefully manipulated Fedorov into trying to start a war, Fedorov cancels his invasion plans and warns that the Conclave will begin planning to assassinate both him and the presidente to maintain their secrecy.

When Dr. Steinschneider begins contacting extremist groups to encourage worldwide paranoia in Keep Calm And Carry On, General Fedorov - speaking on behalf of ex-KGB members - demands that the island fall under martial law and become a police state to help reduce fear and chaos. This naturally has the opposite effect, just as the doctor planned.

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