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For buildings of the same name in other Tropico games, see Furniture Factory.

Furniture Factories are industry buildings in Tropico 5. Workers here assemble planks into beds, chairs, and other kinds of furniture, which sell for higher prices than planks. Unlike lumber mills, furniture factories hire high school graduates to assemble the furniture because they have more knowledge to assemble and craft furniture in various shapes and sizes. Like in Tropico 4, planks can be imported from other countries, eliminating the need for a lumber mill on the island if the player chooses to do so.


Many famous pieces of furniture were produced by Tropican craftsmen. For example, a prominent Englishman commissioned one round table from us some time ago. It turned out a bit elliptic, but the customer didn't complain. We’ve also created a very comfy chair for the Spanish Inquisition and most recently a metallic massage-o-tron for a famous TV network.


  • Central Air Conditioning: For $3,000, the factory can install air conditioning that cools down the temperature inside the building, increasing Job Quality by 20.
  • Fine Grating: For $7,500, the factory uses gold to decorate furniture alongside planks, making it sell for higher profits. However, production will cease if either resource is unavailable in the factory.
  • Handcraft Workshop: For $3,800, a handcraft workshop can be established to hire more workers to craft more furniture, increasing the number of workers by 8 and effectiveness by 20,
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