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Flaws or defects are bad traits in selecting dossier page ,these generally give disadvantages in the game sometimes with a slight positive effect, are two check marks available for pick. although it is not mandatory select any at a new game; if you choose only one or don´t choose any when generating a new map the game choose two random for you.


Your 5 finger discounts are a national embarrassment

  • Capitalist Faction -10%
  • Religious Faction -10%
  • Factory Productivity -10%
  • Shop Maintenance +100%


  • Your regular visits to the house-of-ill-repute have been captured on film, this bothers you slightly and that´s the problem.
  • Religious Faction -10%
  • Respect of All Women -10%

Compulsive Liar

  • You couldn´t stop it to save your life so you made it an art form.
  • Religious Faction -15%
  • Intellectuals Faction -15%


  • You must have fallen from the top of the ugly tree and hit your face on every branch on the way down.
  • Overall respect -5%
  • Tourism Rating -10%


  • You´re the life of political Party! Or at least that´s how you see it.
  • Religious Faction -15%
  • Overall Productivity -5%
  • Relations with Russia +10%


  • The people are sympathetic to your problem, if only the United Nations didn´t have such sensitive microphones.
  • Relations with USA -20%
  • Relations with Russia -10%
  • Palace Guard Get Double Pay

Compulsive Gambler

  • Let it RIDE! presidente´needs a new electric plant!
  • Religious Faction -10%
  • Annual Gambling Binge ($300-$1,500)


  • Are you trying to kill me? I think you are ! Yes,yes. I see it all now you DO want to kill me ! Guards!
  • Overall Respect -10%
  • Militarist Faction +10%
  • Police Resented Like Soldiers


  • You streak of yellow would be worth millions if it were gold-it´s not.Any revolt will sent you packing.
  • Militarist Faction -5%
  • Soldiers & Supporters Twice As Likely to Flee In Battle


  • The peoples see this as an endearing trait, but the country suffers none the less
  • Education -50%
  • Colleges Prohibited

Short Tempered

  • You can´t control your temper during negotiations. Foreign ministers hate that!
  • Intellectual Faction -15%
  • Militarist Faction -10%


  • Your view yourself as being superior to your fellow Tropicans, and you aren´t afraid to show it.
  • Relations with USA -20%
  • Issue Edict Cost +30%

Tourette´s Syndrome

While somewhat troubling, your State of the union address are a huge international success pay-per-view!

  • Overall Respect -5%
  • Relations With USA -15%
  • Relations With Russia -15%
  • Annual Pay-Per-View Revenue $1,000


One couldn´t pry a peso from your dead hand with a crowbar.Of course,we thought you were dead or we´d never have tried.

  • Communist Faction -10%
  • Building Costs -5%
  • Cannot Pay Any Workers More than $25/month.

Religious Zealot

  • The deep of your convictions has caused complete intolerance to others views.
  • Religious Faction +5%
  • Intellectuals Factions -25%
  • Residents Visits Churches 50% more often

The Great Schmoozola

Your transparent flattery causes more problems than the smoothes over

  • Intellectual Faction -20%
  • Relation with USA -10%
  • Relation with Russia -10%
  • Respect of the less intelligent +10%
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