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Fires are disasters that occur in Tropico 4 and Tropico 5. When a fire happens in a building in Tropico 4, firemen will begin heading to put out the blaze. In Tropico 5, fire trucks (from upgraded Police Stations) will rush out when a fire breaks out. If they don't manage to stop the fire in time, the building will collapse. Fires can also be put out instantly by paying a sum of money to have a helicopter douse them.

Like any disaster, fires can be disabled by running a sandbox game with no random events.

Drought4,5Earthquake3,4,5Fire4,5HurricaneP,3,4,5Oil Spill4,5Tornado4,5Tsunami4,5Volcano4,5
P: Paradise Island • 3: Tropico 3 • 4: Tropico 4 • 5: Tropico 5