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For buildings of the same name in other Tropico games, see Ferris Wheel.

Ferris Wheels provide Entertainment to Tropicans and Relaxation to Tourists.


Normal Speed: "All Tropicans and tourists can use the Ferris wheel."
High Speed: "The service quality is increased but only courageous tropicans and tourist will use the Ferris wheel."(+20 Service Quality, Above Average Courage, no Slobs)


Base Service Quality=50, plus 0~40 for worker skill. High Speed mode adds +20 to Service Quality; restricts visitors to those of 'Above Average' or greater Courage, while 'Slob' tourists are prevented. Tourists do not show 'Courage' in their stats list, thus the 'type restriction' is used.

Trash may appear, being case off from surrounding buildings, trash receptacles do not.

In-Game Text


"Who can resist the joys of admiring Tropico from above? Just get a ticket, jump into a gondola and get ready to inhale some fresh power plant filtered air, marvel at the grayness of Third World architecture, or simply awe the majestic sight of the presidential potbelly. Complimentary vomiting bags included."


"The Ferris wheel provides entertainment to Tropican and tourist thrill-seekers."


Place where convenient, preferably away from crime issues if tourist will be using it. Be mindful of pollution issues but tourist don't seem to notice moderate amounts when covered by a Garbage Dump.

Two of these with differing Modes and Fees are recommended if you have the tourist through-put capability; be mindful of the service types available or in use for tourists. A wide variety of service types may be more desired.

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