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For articles of the same name in other Tropico games, see Faction.

A Faction is a group of people that have a common political purpose in Tropico 5.


There are 10 different political factions in the game. Citizens may support several of them at once, but they can never support two factions with opposing views such as the Communists and the Capitalists. Factions have leaders who can be identified by your police. Beware, using a Citizen Action on a leader or their family member may change your standing with the whole faction.

When a political issue becomes relevant, citizens will split into two opposing factions depending on their views of the issue.

Every faction has a leader; a supporter of the faction who chooses to be its representative. Leaders who are happy will boost El Presidente's relationship with their faction, while unhappy leaders will lower faction relations.

List of Factions

Tropico 5 Political Factions
Faction Political spectrum Foundation (Era) Spokesperson View Ideology
Revolutionaries Left-wing Colonial Evita Vasquez Independence Independentism, Republicanism, Socialism (minority)
Communists Far-left /
World Wars Evita Vasquez Economy Social equality.
(Communism, Marxism-Leninism)
Environmentalists Left-wing Cold War Evita Vasquez Environment Social equality. Opposition to social stratification.
(Green politics, Progressivism, Alter-globalization)
Globalists Centre-left Modern Times Lord Oaksworth State Power Social equality through working within the established systems.
(Progressivism, Social liberalism, Pro-globalization)
Industrialists Centre Cold War Veronica Veneno Environment Social equality balanced with social hierarchy.
(Statism, Developmentalism)
Capitalists Centre-right World Wars Veronica Veneno Economy Democracy - Liberty, freedom, equality of opportunity, economic development.
(Social liberalism, Classical liberalism)
Religious Centre-right /
World Wars Lord Oaksworth Values Christian democracy, Social conservatism, Conservatism
Militarists Right-wing World Wars Penultimo Values Social inequality is inevitable, natural, normal, or desirable per natural law, economics, or tradition.
(Authoritarianism, Protectionism, Falangism)
Nationalists Far-right Modern Times Penultimo State Power Social inequality per social conservatism vs. liberalism and socialism. Tradition over policy.
(Right-wing populism, Ultranationalism, Isolationism, Anti-immigration)
Royalists Right-wing Colonial Lord Oaksworth Independence Royalism, Conservatism

Constitutional Stances

Certain factions will approve or disapprove of the individual constitution amendments made by El Presidente.

In addition to their general effect, all chosen constitution principles also affect your standing with the Tropican factions and the Superpowers. For example, if you choose the "Athiest State" constitutional principle, you will be unpopular with the Religious faction but will gain standing with the Communists. Those effects may change from one era to another, so it is important to keep up with the times - while gender-based voting discrimination may be more acceptable to some factions during the World Wars, it will receive much less support from the same factions in Modern Times.
Tropico 5 Faction Constitutional Stances
Amendment Principle Faction / Approval
Com. Env. Glob. Ind. Cap. Rel. Mil. Nat.
Voting Rights Male Citizens Vote N N N Y N Y Y Y
Wealthy Citizens Vote N N Y Y Y N N
All Citizens Vote Y Y N N N N
Religion and State Theocracy N N N N Y Y N
Secular State N Y N
Atheist State Y Y N N N
Armed Forces Militia Y N N N N Y Y
Conscription Y N Y Y Y
Professional Army N Y N Y N N
Political Rights Totalitarian State Y N N Y N Y Y
Police State N N N Y Y Y Y
Democracy Y Y N N N
Labor Policy Work For All N N N Y Y N
Happy Childhood Y N Y Y
Workers Paradise Y Y Y N N N Y
Citizenship Visa Program Y Y Y N N
Immigrants Nation Y Y Y N N N N
Guarded Heaven N N N N Y Y
Personal Rights Total State Control Y N N N N N Y Y
Security Surveillance Y N N N Y Y Y
Open Society N Y Y Y Y N N N
Economy Structure Planned Economy Y N N N Y
Plutocracy N N N N N N
Free Market N N Y Y Y N
Media Independence Total Propaganda Y N N N N Y Y
Subsidized Media N N Y Y Y Y
Independent Media N Y Y N N N N
Digital Rights Total Firewall Y N N N N Y Y
Fight Piracy Y N
Free Internet Y Y N N N
Globalization Protectionism Y N N N Y Y
Strategic Sector Y N Y
Open Borders Y N Y N N
Ecology Economy First Y N Y Y Y Y
Energy Efficiency N Y
Zero Emissions N Y N N N N
Com. Env. Glob. Ind. Cap. Rel. Mil. Nat.


Com. - Communists
Env. - Environmentalists
Glob. - Globalists
Ind. - Industrialists
Cap. - Capitalists
Rel. - Religious
Mil. - Militarists
Nat. - Nationalists
Y - Yes (Faction Approval)
N - No (Faction Disapproval)
Tropico 5 Factions
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