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The Environmentalists are one of the political factions in Tropico 6. They rise to prominence during the Cold War to counterbalance the Industrialists's lack of ethics about resource exploitation. They love everything that supports and preserves Mother Earth.

Likes and Dislikes

  • Likes: Renewable energy resources and all kinds of parks. They also love governmental tools which reduce pollution and preserve natural resources.
  • Dislikes: Buildings that exploit Mother Earth and her creatures or that emit pollution. They also hate governmental tools which promote resource exploitation and increase pollution.

Constitutional Stances


  • Armed Forces: Pacifist State
  • Religion and State: Freedom of Religion
  • Ecology: Zero Emissions
  • Marriage Rights: Open Marriage


  • Mandatory Waste Sorting (Fines for those who do not get elbow deep into their refuse to recycle. It is a small price to pay for cleaner houses, cleaner streets, and cleaner air)
  • Happy Meat (Ranch workers must stop and pet their livestock once in a while. Studies show that meat from happy animals tastes better than sad ones. Also, "cruelty-free" meat is worth more in the market.)
  • Legalized Substances
  • Policy of Detente


  • Ecology: Economy First
  • Edicts: Experimental Ground Treatment, Sea Disposal (international waters may be the grey area, but is no excuse to turn it into a refuse dump!)

Preferred Buildings

  • Garbage Dump and Waste Treatment Facility
  • Power Plants which use Wind and Solar energy
  • Snorkel Bay
  • Botanical Garden
  • Country Houses (apparently they feel nostalgic when the houses were cleaner)
  • Hydroponic Plantations
  • Bus Garage (electronic buses)
  • Hang Gliding
  • Metro Station


Eco-Protests: Citizens oriented towards environmentalists faction will protest at industrial buildings, production buildings and eco-unfriendly power plants.