Environmentalists (Tropico 5)

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The Environmentalists are an internal faction in Tropico 5, first becoming relevant during the Cold War.

Environmentalists seek to protect the environment and the natural beauty of the world, even at the expense of industrial profits.


  • Voting Rights: All Citizens Vote
  • Religion and State: N/A
  • Armed Forces: Professional Army
  • Political Rights: N/A
  • Labor Policy: Workers Paradise
  • Citizenship: Immigrants Nation
  • Personal Rights: Open Society
  • Economy Structure: N/A
  • Media Independence: Independent Media
  • Digital Rights: Free Internet
  • Globalization: N/A
  • Ecology: Zero Emissions
  • Edicts: Smoking Ban and Waste Sorting.
  • Misc: N/A


  • Buildings: Any kind of power plant, any resource gathering building besides plantations, any industrial building besides pharmaceutical companies, Oil Wells and Refineries, and Science Labs.
  • Constitutional Stances
  • Voting Rights: Wealthy Citizens Vote or Male Citizens Vote
  • Religion and State: Theocracy
  • Armed Forces: N/A
  • Political Rights: Totalitarian State or Police State
  • Labor Policy: Work For All
  • Citizenship: Guarded Heaven
  • Personal Rights: Total State Control
  • Economy Structure: Plutocracy or Free Market
  • Media Independence: Total Propaganda
  • Digital Rights: Total Firewall
  • Globalization: N/A
  • Ecology: Economy First
  • Edicts: GM Crops, Hydraulic Fracking, and the Immunization Campaign.
  • Misc: N/A
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