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Elite Infantry is a type of military squad in Tropico 5.

It is El Presidente's personal palace guard and is available since the Colonial Era. They garrison the Palace itself, but will take part in the defense of the island during an invasion, rebellion or riot. They can also be used to explore the island. They are one of the very few military units to stay loyal at all times.

From the World Wars Era onward they can be upgraded into El Presidente's personal Death Squad: a Commandos Squad.

Their effectiveness can be increased with the Military Drills and Right To Arms edicts.

Physical appearance

The Elite infantry wears the following military attire:

  • Leather hat (black, 3-pointed)
  • Coat (black)
  • Vest (white)
  • Trousers (white)
  • White stockings
  • Leather boots
  • Musket
  • Ammunition pouch (x2)


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