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Every 10 years the people will ask for elections. If you lose, it's Game Over. So, if your support is very low, a short-term option is to not allow an election. But this will directly affect all your voters on a personal level, extending their approval for some time.

The good thing is that you can decide to hold an election speech in order to sway some of the voters in your favor, using different rhetorics tailored towards the current political climate.


  • "My friends! My people! Welcome to the golden age of prosperity for every living Tropicans! It was your trust that made it possible - your trust in me, El Presidente!"
  • "My Tropicans, my people, my... children. Your prosperity is my honor! Your solidarity is my faith! And I gracefully accept your love. You are my Tropico!"
  • "Tropico. Some call it the valley of the shadow of despair, but to me it is the valley of the shadow of my home! Our spirits cannot be broken! So rise, oh Tropico, and despair no more!"
  • "Tropico. My beloved homeland. My adoring people...! With sorrow, I have watched you toil. But have faith in me - El Presidente! - and your troubles will soon be over!"
  • "My friends, you are the dedicated ones, for whom no hardship is too great! True Tropicans! Your tribulations shall be rewarded... with just a little more effort!"

Acknownledge Issues

(does not contribute to the approval of voters for the election.)

  • Food Happiness: "But what of my people? Your Presidente knows your troubles - your rumbling bellies are as loud as your cheers. Well, no more rumbling... I will let you eat cake!"
  • Healthcare Happiness: "Your Presidente hears the cries of the sick! You say there are not enough doctors to label all the illnesses. But soon, everyone will know the names of all their diseases!"
  • Faith Happiness: : "Your Presidente does not ignore your faith! You need places to pray, to confess your sins, and to nap before Holy Communion. God is everywhere - but it is unwise to worship outside in hurricane season!"
  • Fun Happiness: "My people, are you bored? Let Presidente entertain you! Is nothing fun anymore? Let Presidente be all the fun you need! You don't enjoy life? Let Presidente enjoy it for you!"
  • Housing Happiness: "And what of my people? I feel your pain when your walls shudder and your roofs leak - those of you who have roofs. But soon? Roofs for all, and walls for many!"
  • Job Happiness: "Of course, life is tough for those without jobs. I understand! My job is everything to me! But soon, my people, everyone will have tolerable pay, bigger bosses, and harder work!"
  • Liberty Happiness: "I have heard rumbles of discontent, but Tropico's security arrangements have been made a necessity - by vague and unspecified threats! Rest assured, nothing is more precious to me than personal liberty!" 
  • Crime Safety Happiness: "Know this, my people: I have nothing but contempt for criminals - especially the type that get caught! When I heavily arm the police force, you will no longer fear the lawbreakers!"

Praise Faction

(Praise the faction to temporarily increase their standing)

  • Capitalists: "Our ongoing prosperity is supported by the Capitalists - with thanks! We're grateful for the many fulfilling jobs you created for my people - and your progressive attitude towards taxations!"
  • Communists: "Our efforts are aided by our Communists comrades - to each according to their need, fron each according to their ability. Equality for all, especially those who are more equal than the others!"
  • Religious: "As we strive, God shall not forsake our beautiful shores! Our spiritual friends guaranteed this, for which we owe them one - in this life and the next!"
  • Militarists: "And as we strive, our efforts are protected by our brave Tropican army! Our fighting men and women give no quarter, and neither do our soldiers!"
  • Environmentalists: "Let us speak of growth! For, like a tenacious weed, Tropico must grow! And even weeds have friends - friends of the Earth herself. Their love of the green is a love we can all share."
  • Industrialists: "Without a doubt, Tropico must grow! We owe so much of our prosperity to the Industrialists! They create jobs and commerce... and take only a little in return."
  • Conservatives: "Tropico has a proud heritage! We thank the Conservatives, who will not let our ways be lost - or even mislaid. Tradition is the glue that binds the gears of this great nation!"
  • Intellectuals: "Together, as we forge our future, we owe gratitude to our Intellectuals! Tropico's education is in good hands, as youngsters learn my teachings! Future is smart!"

Blame Superpower

(Blame the Superpower to gain voters approval while worsening relations with the Superpower.)

  • Allies: "Of course, we have enemies too. These so called 'Allies' mislead with their very name! Their propaganda is advanced, but we shall not be fooled!"
  • Axis: "Just as we praise our friends, so we condemn our enemies! The Axis wishes to remake the world? Over my mildly-unsettling body!"
  • Western Powers: "My people, do not talk of the so-called Western Powers! They are paranoid fools who accuse others of spying. Their own spies shall retreat with red faces!"
  • Eastern Bloc: "On the other hand, the Eastern Bloc causes only dissention and strife! I denounce those who profit blatantly from global turbulence. A free market requires an invisible hand..."
  • EU: "Our problems are deeply rooted in the arrogance of Europe! When their citizens invade our beaches, they are served by hand. But when Presidente knocks upon their door? They bite that very hand!"
  • USA: "So many problems we face are the fault of the Americans! They are so fickle! One moment they train and arm our soldiers, the next they denounce you on television!"
  • Middle East: "Meanwhile, the rich of the Middle East lord their wealth over us! But these crude hostilities simply fuel our thirst for financial freedom! We will resist oil pressure!"
  • Russia: "We must be careful with the Russians, my people. They cheat, lie and steal, it is true! But they have many negative traits as well. We simply cannot trust them!"
  • China: "Of course, the Chinese think that their superior numbers can bend Tropico to their will. But El Presidente is not for bending!"

Promise Improvements

(Undecided voters most dissatisfied with issues vote for El Presidente)

  • Food Happiness: "So let us look to the good times ahead! I promise many types of wealth - including full stomachs! From here on, the word 'Tropico' will be synonymous with abundance... for all!"
  • Healthcare Happiness: "Let us speak of the nation's health! More doctors, do I hear? But that is not enough! We need better doctors, working longer hours for less pay!"
  • Faith Happiness: "For my next step, I call upon your faith! We shall rise above the obstacles in our path. A golden age of plenty is dawning! Together - we will believe!"
  • Fun Happiness: "I have heard it said that Tropico is no fun. Well, soon it will be twice as entertaining as it was, and half as boring too! That's four times the amusement for everyone!"
  • Housing Happiness: "What can you look forward to in years to come? Better housing! Slantier roofs, straighter walls, more transparent windows - the Tropican house of tomorrow is built with standards!"
  • Job Happiness: "I hear you ask: what of our employment? Your Presidente has told every Tropican boss to fix all work problems, and how to make more jobs! I shall hold them all accountable if work conditions do not improve!"
  • Liberty Happiness: "I hear your concerns about the threats to our liberty, and I assure you: they will not stand! I promise you unimaginable freedoms - you'll barely know what to do from one moment to the next! And neither will I..."
  • Crime Safety Happiness: "There are those who complain that criminals rule our streets. Bah! I will show you real policing! You'll be as safe as a tortoise in it's shell - which is also a delicacy here in Tropico!"


  • "So vote El Presidente for the future that you deserve! All of you! Viva Tropico!"
  • "It is you, my friends, who I thank for making me what I am today. I am proud to be your Presidente! Viva Tropico!"
  • "My promises are made humbly, for I am Tropico! Remember, a vote for El Presidente is a vote for me!"


  • "Other nations look to Tropico with a barely-concealed jealousy... that is fully warranted! We have all the best landmarks, and they keep carelessly losing theirs!" (if you have a World Wonder)
  • "Behold the landmark I built with my bare hands! A shining example of Tropico's ingenuity - my fingers now throbs with blisters of progress, soothed by the ointment of victory!" (if you have a World Wonder)
  • "Rejoice, my people! We have prevailed! Some say I won the war, but I cannot confirm this. I am but a humble Presidente, as the history books will record." (if you progress to Cold War)
  • "Today is the most exciting day in Tropico's grand history! The war's over and a new era dawns. Surely, after the hardships we've endured, this will be an era of global trust and international co-operation!" (if you progress to Cold War)
  • "These are days of wonder! Of astounding achievements! Di you wonder what we've achieved? Why, our exciting new technology will tell us precisely what we've achieved! This is the future!" (if you progress to Modern Times)
  • "To the coward rebels who tried to steal from the people, I say: no, coward rebels, no! To my people, I say: what is mine is yours, and what is yours... is mine!"
  • "My love of my people is my sword and my shield! Rebels? Ptui! To rebel against El Presidente is to rebel against love itself! And you saw where that got them."