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Were you looking for the Pirate King from Tropico 2?

El Presidente (Spanish for "The President") is the main character of the Tropico series, serving as the protagonist of every game, with the exception of Tropico 2 - where it is instead their ancestor, the Pirate King[1].

They are the head of state and autocratic ruler of the Republic of Tropico, being the only person able to create new laws, amend the Constitution, allow the construction of buildings, and issue arrests and execution warrants. Dying or being ousted from government will end the game.


From Tropico 3 onwards, each presidente has an avatar which the player creates and controls. This avatar can be selected and ordered to move around the island, interact with buildings, and deal with protesters. Typically, interacting with buildings temporarily improves their efficiency, quality, and production, but avatars also have the option to give speeches at the palace, gamble at casinos, or decorate soldiers in army bases.

Each presidente looks and dresses differently, though this has no impact on gameplay. It is possible to create a female presidente, in which case clothing options and speaking voice will be different.

Each presidente has a background (notable achievements before becoming presidente), rise to power (how they became presidente), and two traits (three traits in Tropico 4). Tropico 3 also includes two flaws. All of these options affect different aspects of the game, from relations with factions to the efficiency of certain buildings.



In Tropico 5, the player controls a dynasty, instead of a single character. These members can be Managers of buildings, serve for the country overseas, and even become Presidente for the dynasty during the elections.

At first, a single Governor from the Dynasty rules Tropico in Colonial Times until independence is declared. From the beginning of the World Wars Era (1914), any of the Dynasty's members can be elected Presidente and rule continuously.


Tropico 4


  • El Presidente's gender and exact appearance are up to the choice of the player; however cover art, trailers and promotional materials usually portray them as a bearded middle-aged man, wearing a 20th century military-style dress uniform.
    • In grammatically correct Spanish, a female president should be called "La Presidenta", however in Tropico the masculine "El Presidente" is always used.


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