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El Diablo is a character in Tropico 4, serving as the representative of the Nationalists.

He resembles a skinhead and his mannerisms are modeled after members of British football firms. Ironically, although it looks like his shirt bears a fasces - an axe wrapped in a bundle of sticks that's notable for being a symbol of fascism - he's actually wearing the logo for Red and Anarchist Skinheads, a militantly left-wing anarcho-communist skinhead group designed to counter racism and fascism in the skinhead movement. Considering his racist and fascist politics, him wearing such a shirt is likely a subtle clue to his lack of intelligence.

In addition to pressing the Nationalists to beat up or kill foreigners, he's quick to denounce the 'Open Doors' immigration policy and is rather hostile to tourists as well.

Tropico 4

Main Campaign

The first appearance of El Diablo occurs in the Tropico Above All mission. After starting a campaign of breaking world records, El Diablo congratulates the presidente on improving the self-esteem of him and other Nationalists. He suggests having the biggest territory as a record and - to accomplish this - wants a Nuclear Program established to fire a Tropican flag to Mars.

If the presidente sides with the nationalists in the Bickering Factions mission, El Diablo praises the decision and asks that Tropico establish a nuclear program.

Awhile after Keith Preston bombs a hotel while Tropico is preparing to host the Olympics in The Olympic Heist, El Diablo will angrily report that Keith has bombed another building and ask that a secret agent be hired to find the bomber. Unfortunately, the agent turns up 5 potential suspects instead of 1. El Diablo says to kill or arrest all of them regardless, saying that the 4 innocents will "gladly suffer for [Tropico]."

In The Blind Revolution, El Diablo says that, to be a truly independent nation, Tropico must generate 100 megawatts of electricity and export the excess power to other nations. Doing this will give the presidente $1,000 for the next 6 months, which they can choose to put either in the treasury or their Swiss bank account.

After a string of mysterious "accidents" happen near the presidente in Forgiveness, El Diablo will say that there's a person that may know something about the occurrences. They're symbolized by an exclamation point above their head, but El Diablo doesn't point out their location. They'll either need to be found and arrested manually or El Diablo will have to be paid a $25,000 reward to bring them in automatically.

Modern Times Campaign

If the presidente accuses El Diablo of bombing the Tropican ministry in War on Terror, he'll say that he'd never do anything to hurt Tropico and that he wasn't even in the country when the bomb went off; he was the guest of honor at the "International Convention of Nationalists." The false accusation naturally upsets the nationalists. However, as more clues are gathered, the only suspect Penultimo is left with is El Diablo. El Diablo still angrily denies the accusation and points out that all Penultimo's "clues" come from articles in Donald Pynch's newspapers, making him believe Pynch is trying to frame him. With the whole world clamoring for his immediate arrest, El Diablo says he knows someone who works for Donald Pynch and is willing to betray him for $72,000. Once this bribe is paid, El Diablo learns that Pynch has a stash of data called "TerrorLeaks" which proves his (and Tropico's) innocence. In order to convince Pynch to release the data, El Diablo comes up with a plan; by using a shipment of weapons and a number of greeting cards signed by Pynch, Pynch can be made to look like he's personally supplying the terrorists with weapons. Under this threat, Pynch publishes TerrorLeaks, clearing Tropico and El Diablo of all charges.


  • According to a TNT broadcast he is rather short. He gets very angry when Sunny Flowers points this out.
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