El Acantilado


Tropico 3:

That band of rebels led by your twin managed to drive you out of your own island. Taking the entire treasury, you hitched a ride on an old fishing boat, seeking refuge in your summer residence on the island of El Acantilado.

Chased away from their own homes, your most loyal supporters have followed you. Taking the burden of leadership once again you have promised them a fresh start. Your new island is a poor and dry hunk of rock. Several rich iron ore deposits are its only viable resources.


Your goal is to export at Least 5000 units of Iron by 1970.

Event 1 Text

Jan 1950

Thank God, you are safe, Presidente! After the rebel assault I was afraid that you were captured, or even worse - killed. Your evil twin has taken full control of the government. Luckily we were able escape to your summer residence on the island of El Acantilado. Some of your strongest supporters have fled our home country and have joined us here.

This island is mostly rock, only weeds seem to thrive. Several mineral deposits are the only raw resource we can exploit. Remember to build mines near the deposits, which you can view from the mining overlay.

Event 2 Text

Mar 1950


The conditions on El Acantilado are tough and it will be harder to secure enough food for our citizens. We could ask the International Aid Corp (IAC) for humanitarian aid. They can establish a camp that will provide food and basic healthcare to our citizens for 5 years.

Due to our special situation I have been assured that we won't need to go through the regular diplomatic channels.

To build a Aid Corp Camp you must issue the 'Humanitarian Aid' from the Foreign Politics tab.

Event 3 Text

Jun 1950


Connecting your mines to the road network will allow teamsters top transport the mine's output quickly to the docks.

Since mines have built-in garages, teamsters and miners will use the mines themselves to travel to other destinations.

Event 4 Text

Sep 1950


Some of your people are excellent fishermen. You should take advantage of this and build some fishermen's wharfs. The sea will provide all the food we need for our citizens.

Implied note: Firing of these skilled laborers from their current jobs and the unskilled ones that take up a fisherman's slot may be necessary once the Wharf is built. It takes time and patience to achieve a good result.

Event 5 Text

Apr 1951


The civil war at home has displaced many of our countrymen. The International Aid Corp is offering financial aid to those Caribean countries that take in refugees. I think if anyone is going to profit from our brothers and sisters, it should be us. If we welcome some of our former comrades to El Acantilado, the IAC will give us $10,000 in financial aid. If you decide to do so, we can expect that at least 45 people arrive on our island over the next 2 years.

Accept (+$10,000 treasury, increased immigration)

Note: Effectively 'Open Doors' without an Immigration Office. You will have unemployment issues but if you build the Immigration Office(Tropico First) in the interim, it is manageable when the bums-rush is over. Never checked the immigrants for Evil Twin spies, shrug, I'm not paranoid.

Event 6 Text

Mar 1952


Keep in mind that workers will not move into homes located too far from their workplace. Build roads and Garages near housing areas to allow citizens to travel quickly between their homes and workplace.

maybe a generic message but appears consistantly

Event 7 Text

May 1953


(BONUS OBJECTIVE) If you build a Logging Camp and Lumber Mill, and then export 2000 lumber by the end of the scenario, you will gain 250 score points.

The Timber Industry is a good way to boost our economy if you don't mind the rumblings of a few Environmentalists. Trees cut down by the logging camp can be made into planks by a lumber mill. You can give the selective harvest order to your logging camps if you want to protect the environment, but this will undermine our profit.

Event 8 Text

Feb 1954


Most parts of the El Acantilado have not been thoroughly explored. A group of foreign scientists want to organize an expedition into the depths of the island. It appears that they have the support of the Environmentalists faction, who insist that we help finance the initiative.

Give them $2,000 from the treasury (+20 Enviromentalists respect)
Collect an 'Exploration' tax from the expedition (+$2,000 treasury)
Deny the request (+5 Nationalists respect)

The first two chooses always seem to lead to the discovery of the ill-fated expedition in about 2 years. The third choose never explored.

Event 9 Text

Feb 1956

Terrible news, Presidente!

The expedition has vanished without a trace. We could only find the leader's journal. He writes of Ancient Ruins where the ground shines gold, inhabited by a reptile-like creature with glowing red eyes * The legendary El Chupacabra. The US is pressuring us for answers.

Ask the US for money to mount a 'rescue operation' (+$3,000 treasury, -10 Nationalists respect)
Declare a day of mourning. (+10 Religious respect)
Do Nothing! I warned them gringos not to go in the Jungle (-10 US relations)

The First two chooses lead to the gold deposit discovery in a couple of months. Never checked the third choose.

Event 10 Text

May 1956


(BONUS OBJECTIVE) Build a gold mine and export as much gold as possible. You will receive 10 score points for each 100 units of gold exported.

Remember to build roads and garages for faster transportation.

Using the journal we were able to find the ruins. There is definitely gold in the ground, which we can extract by building a mine. There were no signs of the expedition or El Chupacbra.

Event 11 Text

Mar 1958

I have great news, Presidente. Word has reached us that your loyal subjects in our homeland have taken up arms against the government and your twin. The leader of the rebels has sent a letter asking for $3,000 for the purchase of weapons and supplies.

Publicly support the rebellion (-$6,000 treasury; +5 overall respect; +10 USSR relations)
Give the money, but keep it quiet (-$3,000 treasury)
Condemn the rebels (-5 overall respect, +10 US relations)

Event 12 Text

Jun 1959

A letter has arrived from your twin.

Your treason knows no bounds. Even after your own people drove you off the island you still incite war. Suppling weapons to the rebels will only result in more deaths. I have declared you public enemy number one, and if you ever come home I will order your execution on the spot. I demand you pay us $5000 immediately as compensation for the troubles you have caused.

Pay the tribute (-5000 treasury)
Don't pay

Event 13 Text

Dec 1960


The Americans have launched a new major offensive in Vietnam. This will surely end badly for them.

However, we can still reap the benefits from this war. Thanks to our contacts in the weapons market we have secured trade agreements which will boost the export price of our iron by 50%.

50% increase in Iron export price

Event 13 Text

Mar 1961


Thanks to the revolution in Cuba the Caribbean has attracted the attention of the foreign nations. The US and the USSR have taken opposite positions on the matter of the sibling rivalry between you and your twin.

The US president John F. Kennedy wants a peaceful solution and is calling for a diplomatic summit in January 1964. Until then he has agreed to send us $3000 additional financial aid annually, provided we behave.

Unlikely to realize this as exports of iron and gold will keep treasury above aid limits. In any case, I never saw a penny of this 'additional' money no matter how hard I tried to get financial aid, maybe a falsehood.

Event 14 Text

Apr 1962


Some immigrants have fallen ill. Our doctors report that some kind of virus is spreading throughout the population. As of yet we do not know how dangerous or contagious the sickness is. My advice is that we make sure we have enough clinics and doctors to handle the flow of sick people.

Ask the IAC for help. (+$5000 treasury; -20 nationalist respect)
Ship the infected to another island (-10 overall respect)
Keep things quiet for now. (-10 intellectuals respect)

I like money and the other options are useless, imo. Medical needs are increased, so build an extra Clinic.

Event 15 Text

Apr 1962

Presidente, another letter from your twin.

Today the American presidente Kennedy was shot and killed by one of his own subjects. How unfortunate that none of our countrymen is that brave or that precise. With Kennedy's death the diplomatic summit has been canceled and I have dealt with all of your supporters.

You will send the $5000 to compensate us for the damages your war caused.

Pay the tribute (-5000 treasury)
Don't pay

Event 16 Text

Apr 1964


(Bonus Objective)If the average overall happiness of your subjects is above 50% by the end of your term you will gain 500 score points.

The island of Acantilado has been classified as the least developed country in the Caribbean. Is this going to be your legacy, El President? You must show the foreign powers and our neighbors that we truly are the leaders of tomorrow.

November, Iron increases 20%; just as a marque notice, not a pop-up message.

Event 17 Text

Mar 1965


The sickness has spread through most of our population. The Doctors now call this disease the Llama flu. The virus has infected other islands in the region as well. IAC has officially declared a pandemic warning, and has closed our borders.

No immigrants will arrive and no one can leave the island until the threat has passed.

Hopfully your Clinics aren't overflowing. If you see this message your extended play options need to wait out for a cure in 1968 or deal with slow population growth via reproduction. Additionally, if you haven't gotten happiness at a decent level, remember the bonus objective, then expect the unhappy to become rebels rather then leave the island.

Event 18 Text

Feb 1968


A US pharmaceutical company has developed a vaccine for the Llama flu. It would cost $5000 to distribute the vaccine on the island. The treatment will cure all of our citizens and the IAC will open our borders. Immigrants will once again be welcome on our island.

No cost is too high for our people (-$5000 treasury; the llama flu is eradicated)
Charge the citizens for the vaccine (-10 overall respect; the llama flu is eradicated)
We can't spare the money.

Event 19 Text

Sept 1969


Your faithful aid Penultimo has disappeared along with $5000 from our treasury. It is also clear that the demands made by your twin, were in fact fabricated by Penultimo. All payments made to your former homeland were in fact tranferred to his bank account.

Embezzle $5000 and blame Penultimo (-$10000 treasury +$5000 swiss bank account)
Blame Penultimo for all current problems (+10 overall respect; -$5000 treasury)
Do nothing (-$5000 treasury)

Honestly, if you are seeing this message and there isn't a ship heading to the dock to buy the last of the Iron requirement, you lost the scenario. It is no big surprise that corruption is the norm of your advisors as well as their poor advise.


Congratulations, Presidente.

You were able to export 5000 units of iron before the end of your term. From a useless peace of rock you have turned the island of El Acantilado into a booming mining industry.

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