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For articles of the same name in other Tropico games, see Edicts.

Edicts are laws and proclamations that affect events in Tropico 6 by giving benefits, often in exchange for negative effects. Most edicts work with a 3-tier system (shown by zero, one or two stars), increasing positive effects and decreasing negative ones as long as they are kept active, up to a maximum level of two stars.

Colonial Era

Food for the People

Edict food for the people.png
Penultimo Says: "Are you tired of lithe, svelte citizens who are all skin and bones? By doubling food rations you can make everyone happy! Well, except for the wealthy tycoons whose market economics thrive on scarcity, but everyone else will be mildly pleased at your generous gesture. Besides, it will be years before the detrimental health effects of chronic obesity will get noticed, right...?"
Cost: $500
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Citizens consume two units of food when eating. Increases the general food quality by 10/12/15%. Decreases capitalist standing by 10. Increases communist standing by 5.

 Church Fee

Edict church fee.png
Penultimo Says: "The rich are always looking for a good way to make quick buck - and they've hit upon the great untaxed opportunity that is Sunday Mass. Charge the punters to go in. When the Padres complains, point them to Matthew 22:21 and look smug. The congregation won't be too happy - but who can resist the opportunity to turn prophets into profits?"
Cost: $1,500
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Visitors to religious buildings pay a fee of $1/2/3. Decreases the efficiency of religious buildings by 15/12/10%. Decreases religious standing by 5. Increases capitalist standing by 5

No Free Lunch

Edict no free lunch.png
Penultimo Says: "It may be a Tropican tradition that all meals are paid for by the state, but traditions can be changed! With this edict, you can make everyone pay to eat, bringing extra cash into the treasury and making those with the means of production awfully chuffed with themselves. On the other hand, the bleeding hearts might be a teensy bit miffed when the poorest folks go to bed hungry - but nobody said life was easy!"
Cost: $500
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Forces the citizens to pay for food. Provides 1$/2$/3$ for every citizen which buys food. Reduces popularity among communists and religious people. Improves your relations with capitalists.

Mandatory Siesta

Edict mandatory siesta.png
Penultimo Says: "Work is hard, and nobody appreciates that more than you, Presidente! You've never had to do a day of hard labour in your life and you aren't about to start now! As a show of goodwill to the citizens of Tropico, a mandatory two hour siesta is to be declared after lunch. It is not a great recipe for productivity but it sure breaks up those long afternoons slaving away. With this edict you snooze you do not lose!"
Cost: $500
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Increases job quality of each workplace by 15/17/20%. Decreases the efficiency of all workplaces by 12/10/8%. Decreases pollution of all Workplaces by 10%

Urban Development

Edict urban planning.png
Penultimo Says: "As much as the people enjoy sleeping under the stars and huddling together for warmth at night in their ramshackle lean-tos, it might be worth considering some long-term plans for housing. With an urban development fund we can make it so much cheaper to build accommodation that we can soon turn our beautiful island into smoggy cities before we even have time to think twice about why we are doing it!"
Cost: $7,500
Description: Decreases the construction cost of all residential buildings by 50%. The edict runs for 5 years and has a cool down of 5 years.

Penal Colony

Edict penal colony.png
Penultimo Says: "Tropico has many proud traditions! Take criminals, for instance. Ever since these islands were settled by our founding felons, Tropicans have taken a progressive attitude towards those of morally eccentric behavior. What better way to expand the population than to show the courage of our convictions? Better still. since nobody else wants these particular convicts, we'll get paid to take them!"
Cost: N/A
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Increases the immigration rate by 50/55/60%. The chance of each immigrant being a criminal is increased by 300%. You receive a monthly payment of $100/150/300.

Child Allowance

Edict child allowances.png
Penultimo Says: "You know what is popular with the people? Families. Everyone loves children. Well, everyone loves their own children. Other people's children are another matter entirely. But we can win some popular support by paying people to have children. The citizens will like all the implications of that legislation!"

Rank 1/2/3

$3/2/1 per child per month.
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Children are not accounted for when determining the economic wealth of a family. The edict costs $3/2/1 per child per month..

Employee of the Month

Edict employee of the month.png
Penultimo Says: "Everyone want to be paid more. And working hard is a virtue! We should combine these thoughts via a series of bonus payments and reward schemes for workers who put in those extra hours. Of course, when i say'extra hours' I mean the all-new 'standard-shift', which is more-or-less continuous."
Upkeep: $350/250/225 per month
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Employees of mines and industrial buildings work double shifts as long as this edict is active. The edict costs $350/250/225 per month.

Advanced Boat Service

Edict advanced boat services.png
Penultimo Says: "I am always looking for ways to make our export business more efficient, and the biggest problem is that big boats are so slow. Well, we can squeeze a few knots out of every vessel if we wax the hull to reduce drag and switch from diesel engines to widdershins!" It will cost a little more in maintenance - but more speed means quicker export money!"
Cost: $2,500
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Increased speed and capacity of ships that anchor in the ports by 5%/10%/12%. Also increases upkeep of ports by 50%.

Free Housing

Edict free housing.png Penultimo Says: "Why should proud Tropicans live in shacks when there are far more comfortable dwellings sitting empty? If our citizains truly are equal, they should be allowed to live rent-free in any building they choose! And the really equal ones should get the mansions! Think of how happy the people would be! And think how unhappy your accountant would be! It's a win-win!"
Cost: $500
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Citizens pay no rent. Decreases capitalist standing by 15/12/10. Increases communist standing by 10/12/15.

World Wars


Audience.png Penultimo Says: "Why should proud Tropicans live in shacks when there are far more comfortable dwellings sitting empty? If our citizains truly are equal, they should be allowed to live rent-free in any building they choose! And the really equal ones should get the mansions! Think of how happy the people would be! And think how unhappy your accountant would be! It's a win-win!"
Cost: $1,000
Description: Triggers one demand from each of the three factions with the lowest standing value. The edict has a cooldown of 12 months.

Agricultural Subsidies

Edict Agricultural Subsidies.JPG Penultimo Says: "The Farm... it's not just a place where illiterate workers can drive oddly dangerous vehicles, it's where all of Tropico's food is grown! I checked. We could have more food for everyone - even our friends abroad, if they're willing to pay - with just a little investment in economic incentives. of course, some will complain that you're messing with the free market economy, but you can't farm eggs for omelets without breaking a few friendships."
Cost: $5,000
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Increases the efficiency of all agricultural buildings by 20/28/30%. Increases the upkeep of those buildings by 50/47/45%. Decreases capitalist standing by 10. Increases communist standing by 10.

Building Permit

Edict Building Permit.JPG Penultimo Says: Presidente, it is our responsibility to ensure that all buildings have the proper paperwork. Of course, good bureaucracy doesn't come cheap - and neither do good slush funds. Given the importance of both, we should look for opportunities to expand the building permit scheme wherever possible. Does that shack have a permit? What about that sandcastle? The possibilities are endless!
Cost: $1,500
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Increase the construction costs of all buildings by 20/18/15%. 2/3/4% of all base construction cost is transferred to your Swiss bank account. Decreases communist standing by 10.

State Loans

State Loans.JPG Penultimo Says: How fortunate that we do not use gold or silver to mint our currency! With paper currency, money literally grows on trees! Let's take advantage of the situation and borrow some money to meet vital expenses, like spiffy new military uniforms, a variety of rubber stamps, and governmental forms for applying for the right governmental forms. We can pay it back later - so let us buy everything!
Cost: $0
Description: You recieve a loan of $50,000. You need to repay $80,000 via monthly payments of $6667 over 10 years. The edict has a cooldown of 10 years.

Wealth Tax

Edict Wealth Tax.JPG Penultimo Says: "For some reason other nations never quite manage to properly tax the wealthiest people. Tropico could make some sweet moola by raising a tax that only affects the wealthiest citizens. It's free money in the treasury, and the only downside is the burning hatred of the Capitalists. Besides, the Communists are likely to view this as rather hilarious."
Cost: $2,500
Description: Rank 1/2/3 You gain $5/6/7 for every rich or filthy-rich adult each month. Decreases capitalists standing by 20. Increase communist standing by 15.


Edict Industrialization.JPG Penultimo Says: "With a program for industrialization we can plan far enough ahead to make money but not so far ahead as to have to worry about the environmental impact! With just one not-so-small upfront fee, we can slash the cost of building each and every new factory... it is not only a great way to boost the economy, but it also helps fill our skies with the pleasing wispiness of chimney smoke!"
Cost: $10,000
Description: Decreases the construction costs of all industrial buildings by 50%. The edict runs for 2 years and has a cool down of 4 years.

Early Elections

Edict Early Elections.JPG Penultimo Says: As with comedy, the secret to a successful election is timing! Why wait for the scheduled election when you could declare it's going to happen in 12 months time, before the citizens have a chance to discover everything you've been working so hard to conceal from them? Be a friend to the electorate by granting them a chance to express their love before they find out what you've actually been doing!
Cost: $2,000
Description: Calls for elections in 12 months after activating this edict. You cannot deliver an election speech for early elections. This edict cannot be activated during regular election campaign periods.

Literacy Program

Edict Literacy Program.JPG Penultimo Says: "As convenient it has been to have most of our citizens incapable of reading, certain judgmental nations have accused Tropico of being a backward backwater. Fortunately, it was written in foreign newspaper so not only did nobody here see it, they couldn't read it even if they had! However, if you decide you should like to have more citizens who could read and write, we can always throw more money at the school system and see what happens."
Cost: $1,000
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Increases the efficiency of all high schools and colleges by 25/30/35%. Increases the upkeep of all high schools and colleges by 25/23/20%.

Martial Law

Edict Martial Law.JPG Penultimo Says: "There's nothing quite like the feeling of power you get from declaring Martial Law. Curfews at night, soldiers marching down the streets just for the hell of it... it's jackboot heaven! And if there's a pesky election coming that you might lose, it's the perfect excuse to cancel it. It's not an underhanded ploy, it's national security! If anyone complains that Tropico is no longer free, just show them the magnificent drop in crime statistics!"
Cost: $7,500
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Cancels scheduled elections and prevents elections while active, decreasing personal experience of each eligible voters by 5. Decreases liberty by 35/30/25 Increases chance of citizens becoming rebels by 15%. Decreases tourist rating by 30/25/20%. Increases militarists standing by 30. Decreases standing with other factions by 15.


Edict Prohibition.JPG Penultimo Says: "If you want to improve work performance across the whole of Tropico, there's nothing better than sober workers. As a fringe benefit, Prohibition helps folks lose weight, suffer from fewer heart attacks, and their livers gradually recover. Trouble is, with all the gin joints out of action, people are going to get mighty bored... and it might be best not to be out on the streets at night when the hoods are shaking down the speakeasies."
Cost: $1,500
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Decreases efficiency of all entertainment buildings by 30%/25%/20%. Decreases crime safety by 10/8/6. Increases efficiency of all other buildings by 10%/12%/15%.

Bells to Bullets

Edict Bells to Bullets.JPG Penultimo Says: War! It's tough on everyone, but especially tough on the army when there isn't enough metal to make bullet casings. Fortunately, there's some spare copper-bronze alloy lying around in every church steeple. We've tried swords to ploughshares, now it's time to swing it the other way round! Don't expect any love from the parishioners when the bells no longer toll, but our brave soldiers will be delighted!
Cost: $2,000
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Decreases the efficiency of all religious buildings by 20/18/15%. Increases the hit points and damage of military squads by 10/11/13%. Decreases religious standing by 30/25/20. Increases militarist standing by 10/12/15.

Military Police

Edict Military Police.JPG Penultimo Says: Why pay for police officers when we're paying the army just to sit around on their ample buttocks? For a modest annual fee, every soldier could do double duty as policemen and help the real cops catch the bad guys to boot. Sure, citizens will grumble about loss of freedom, but the more upstanding citizens will be quick to point out the benefits of making the boys in green back up the boys in blue.
Cost: $0
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Each military building reduces crime, just like police stations. Employees of military buildings arrest criminals. Increase the liberty penalty of military building by 40/35/30%. Increases militarist standing by 10/12/15. Increases conservative standing by 5. The edict costs $500/400/300 per month.

Free Wheels

Edict Free Wheels.JPG Penultimo Says: "The poor are complaining that they cannot afford to drive an automobile, and the rich are complaining that they keep running over the poor on their way to work. We can kill two birds with one diesel-fueled stone by providing state-supported vehicles for everyone! Sure, they will not be a sexy or as terrible for the environment as our own cars, but they will be just as dangerous and fun to crash!"
Cost: $0
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Even poor citizens can use cars. Decreases capitalist standing by 15/12/10. Increases communist standing by 10/12/15. The edict costs $1,000/900/750 per month.

Right to Arms

Edict Right to Arms.JPG Penultimo Says: "You're never really free unless you can exercise your liberty by shooting someone when they annoy you! Declaring the Right To Arms allows citizens to enjoy the wonders of gun ownership, with no downsides except a substantial increase in the homicide rate. The gun nuts will be pleased, plus your future soldiers will get plenty of target practices as they join teenage gangs and fight turf wars. Those little rascals!"
Cost: $2,500
Description: Rank 1/2/3 Increases liberty by 15/18/20. Decreases crime safety by 10/8/5. Military squads deal 10% more damage. Decreases militarist standing by 15/12/10. Increases industrialist standing by 7/9/12. Increases capitalist standing by 7/9/12.

The Tropico Papers

Edict The Tropican Papers.JPG Penultimo Says: Ah yes, paying rent. A concept that the super- rich have always had a problem grasping. And who can blame them? It's just so annoying to give away your hard-earned money just for the privilege of... living? I'm sure they would be happy if this little annoyance would go away. They might be so happy, in fact, that they would "donate" a little something to your Swiss Bank Account every month. Like rent... but different.
Cost: $5,000
Description: Tropican citizens at the "Filthy Rich" wealth level don't pay any rent. Instead 15% of what they would pay in rent goes to your personal Swiss Bank Account every month. The personal experience of every Tropican living within range of media buildings operating on the "Open mind" or "Telenovela" work mode is decreased by 10%.

Cold War

Spelling Bee

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: $4,000 
  • Effects at 0/1/2 stars: Upon graduation each high school student has a chance of 5/10/12% of directly earning a college degree. Increases the upkeep of each high school by 50%.

Happy Meat

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: $1,500 
  • Effects at 0/1/2 stars: Decreases the efficiency of all ranches and factory ranches by 15/12/10%. Increases job quality of all ranches and factory ranches by 10/13/15%. Increases the standard export price of meat by 10/13/15%. Decreases industrialist standing by 10. Increases environmentalist standing by 15/18/20.

National Day

  • Penultimo Says: "You know what helps keep the people from thinking about their troubles? A lavish, ludicrous, utterly over-the-top street party! We'll have women in absurdly sparkly dresses, unidentifiable mascots in bizarre costumes, and dodgy men eating fire for some reason, and what with all the liquid merriment before, during, and after, nobody will remember what they did last Tuesday - let alone what you did..."
  • Cost: 
  • Effects: Increase efficiency of all taverns and cocktail bars by 10%. Decrease crime safety by 8. Decrease standing with Religious faction by 10.

Nuclear Testing

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 
  • Effects: Gives you 100000$. Worsens your relations with all factions and reduces health of citizens. 

Mandatory Waste Sorting

  • Penultimo Says: "Recycling is our way of giving Mother Earth a great big hug - and the ardent citizens of Tropico are standing by to do their bid, provided there are fines in place for anyone who refuses to get elbow deep into their own filthy garbage. The streets and the air will be so much cleaner - not to mention our national reputation. Just don't mention that the industrial buildings are where most of the toxic groundwater has come from..."
  • Cost: 
  • Effects: Decrease pollution of all residential buildings by 40/45/50%. Increase upkeep of all residential building by 20/18/15%. Increase Environmentalists standing by 10. Decrease Conservatives standing by 10.

Experimental Ground Treatment

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 
  • Effects: Gives you swiss bank account money based on number of industrial buildings. Increases pollution. Decreases enviromentalist standing

Tax Cut

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: Based on number of citizens
  • Effects: Increases approval of all citizens. This edict can be used once per 5 years

Good Old Days

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 
  • Effects: Citizens will wear colonial era clothing. Increases tourism rating based on amount of forts and guard towers. Increases standing with conservatives by 10/16/17 and religious with 10/12/10. Decreaes standing with intellectuals by 15/12/13

Diplomatic Superparty

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 20000$ 
  • Effects: Increases standing with all superpowers by 20. This edict can be activated once per 5 years

Alternative Food Source

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 
  • Effects:

Assembly Ban

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 
  • Effects: Citizens can't go on protests. Decreases liberty. This edict has monthly cost based on amount of citizens

Made in tropico

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 
  • Effects: Increases price of proceeded goods by 5%. Increases upkeep of all factories by 20%

Social security

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 
  • Effects: Retirees and students will receive 60% of medium tropican wage. Increases their standing by 5. Increases communist standing by 10. Decreases capitalist standing by 10

Modern Times


  • Penultimo Says: "I have heard it said that Tropican roads are just not fast enough - but we can fix that with just a little regular investment in infrastructure! Don't be fooled by pipe dreams about public transportations or bicycles or - perish the though! - universal pedestrian access. No, the automobiles is the way to go because faster is always better, and if we wear out the surface faster, well, you can kiss my freshly-laid tarmac!"
  • Cost: 
  • Effects: Increase the speed of vehicles using roads such as cars, buses, and trucks by 30%. The edict costs $600 per month.

Contraception Ban

  • Penultimo Says: "Babies... they cry, poop, and do nothing useful. But we love them so much - especially when they are asleep or in somebody else's house. Why don't we plan for more bundles of joy in the future by encouraging the citizens to do what they already want to do and take down the barriers between them?"
  • Cost:
  • Effects: Increase the birth rate by 60%. Decrease standing with the Intellectuals by 20. Increase standing with the Religious by 25.

Cultural Diversity

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 
  • Effects:

Policy of Detente

  • Penultimo Says: "The rebels are starting to get bored of sleeping in the hills and eating stone soups - I hear the Wi-Fi out there was terrible! If we made it our personal policy to 'forgive and forget', many would hang up their guns and come back to their jobs and comforts of modern life. For those who are still upset that their houses are blown up in all that kerfuffle, that's what Truth and Reconcilation commissions were made to gloss over!"
  • Cost: 
  • Effects: Each rebel and leader has a chance of 50% to lose their role. Guerrillas have a chance of 50% to return to Tropican community. Decrease standing with conservatives by 15. This edict has a cooldown of 5 years.

Sea Disposal

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 
  • Effects:

Light Bulb Ban

  • Penultimo Says: "I have an idea! Bing! It was a visual gag involving holding a light bulb above my head, but I suppose that doesn't work in text. But these incandescent bulbs are not very energy efficient, and the filament always breaks at the most inconvenient moments. The new flourescents are so much better, if we ignore the mercury poisoning and so forth."
  • Cost: 
  • Effects: Decrease the power consumption of residential buildings by 50%. Increase pollution of each garbage dump by 20%. Increase upkeep of each waste treatment facility by 50%. The edict costs $100 per residential buildings to activate.

Tax Haven

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 
  • Effects at 0/1/2 stars: Increases efficiency of all offices and offshore offices by 15%/20%/25%. Decreases standing of all superpowers by 25/20/15

Legalized Substances

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 
  • Effects:

Knownledgio Sinco

  • Penultimo Says: "You know, we are really struggling to work out what to do with all this knownledge we are producing. It can be turned into books, but then we have to pay someone to read them! Why don't we just sink our knownledge back into the education system that got us into this book-smarts problem in the first place? The quicker the students learn, the sooner they can be put to work!"
  • Cost: 
  • Effects: Increase efficiency of high schools and colleges by 10%. The edict runs for 1 year and has a cooldown of 1 year.

Compulsory Vaccination

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 
  • Effects:

Caribbean Trade Pact Association

  • Penultimo Says: ""
  • Cost: 15000$ 
  • Effects: Creates 3 trade routes with minor countries. Increases capitalist standing by 20


  • In the game files, several edicts files names has a different, sometimes comical, name.
    • The file for the Penal Colony edict is named BP_T6EdictAustralianStyle, referencing the various penal colonies established by the British Government between Between 1788 and 1868.
    • The file for the Free Wheels edict is named BP_T6EdictVolksWagen, referencing the German motor vehicle manufacturer of the same name, which name can litterally be translated to "people's car".