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Megalomania edicts were added in the Absolute Power expansion pack and encompass many different effects. For the egotistical ruler, more control and benevolence measures to flesh-out your style.


Free Houses

"People do not pay for their housing. Raises the respect of the communists, but lowers the respect of the capitalist."
"You can show your generosity, compassion, and understanding of the needs of the simple folk by removing the home rental burden from their lives. The capitalists will disrespect you, but the proletariat will adore you for this action! And if you need money in the future, you can always cancel it."

  • Cost: $500
  • Effects:
    • Rent for houses reduced to $0.
    • Increases relations with Communists(+10 maybe more) faction.
    • Decreases relations with Capitalists(-10) faction.

Ideology Book

"All stupid people will respect you more for the next 3 years. Up to 10 of them will become Loyalists. The Intellectuals respect will drop slightly for the next 3 years."
"Wise men throughout the history of humanity left a shining trace behind by writing books on the high truths, which are treasured by their stupid followers. "If you wish to undertake such a herculean task, its results will be cherished by generations of Tropicans, except the intellectuals, who would prefer disrespecting you for it. Some of the most stupid will even become faithful loyalist followers - what more can you ask when you bestow your revelation upon Tropico?"

Outlaw Faction

"All of the faction supporters will leave the faction and up to half of them may become rebels. Can be issued only once."
"It is time that the faction of your choice pays for its unspeakable acts against the government and be outlawed forever! Nobody will mention it ever again, and you will sleep safely, knowing that they will not plot against you. Yes, many of its supporters will surely rebel. Let them discover the true meaning of the title "die-hard supporter" as the Army chases them down one by one. Which faction do you want outlawed?"

  • Cost: $15,000
  • Effects:
    • All supporters of the chosen Faction will leave that Faction(Faction listing is 'grayed-out' from political tab), up to half of them may become rebels, if their respect is low enough(or none if respect is high enough for everyone). This is supposed to be a one-shot edict.

National Day

"Nationalists respect is slightly raised. Some people will become Loyalists or Nationalists every year while the edict is active."
"Tropico national day is a day to party while paying respects to the national symbols! It is a day of laziness, honoring Tropican history! It is a day of beach relaxing and jokes on the expense of funny foreigners. It is another day to prove that we, Tropicans, are the best and everyone else is just wishing to be Tropican.
Plus, there will be fireworks! And some new Loyalists and Nationalists supporters every year."

  • Cost: $1,000 (+$1,000 yearly)
  • Effects:
    • Increases respect of Nationalists, slightly. Loyalists like Megalomania edicts every 5 years.
    • Some citizens may become Loyalists or Nationalists each year this edict is active.
    • Trivia: Fireworks displays over Palace, some Military buildings, Human Services buildings, Tourist Accommodations, and better Entertainment & Attraction buildings.

Lure the Rebels

"Provokes the Rebels to make an attack now rather than later."
"Our general has a cunning plan! We can lure the rebels to attack a building, by spreading false rumors about the low level of preparation of the army. Then, we just sit back and enjoy the ensuing battle, while our well-funded, super-prepared, excellently equipped and brave-beyond-belief hardened veterans will crush the pesky rebels.
Do not wait for the rebels to attack at their will, make them attack at your will!"

  • Requires: Rebel, General
  • Cost: $3,000
  • Effects:
    • Causes Rebels to attack immediately instead of at a later time.

Print Money

"You will gain $20 000 but all prices of buildings, special actions, and edicts will be raised by 30% permanently due to inflation. Capitalists will drop for the next 5 years. Can be issued up to 5 times."
"Brand new $20 000 for the Treasury, straight from the printing press! Some crazy economists say it will lead to inflation; economy hell will break loose, there is no turning back, etc., etc. Still, it is $20 000 here and now!
Yes, prices can rise, but hey, if they do, just issue the printing order again. Never fear, the Printing Press is here!"

  • Cost: $0
  • Effects:
    • Grants +$20,000 (up to 5 times)
    • Increases prices for all Buildings, Special Actions, and Edicts by 30% permanently.
    • People may drop out of the Capitalists(-20 relations) faction for the next 5 years. Dropping out isn't noticeable if they do, speculation is more likely from a bad understanding of the text.

Polit Education

"The overall productivity is lowered by 10%. If the edict has been active for at least 3 years, all Loyalists are guaranteed to vote for you during elections."
"Set some hours aside from the hard day of the workers to enlighten them politically on the greatness of your figure! Yes, the production figures will drop, but money is not everything! Hearts and minds of the people will be yours!
If you establish this practice for some years, the loyalists will learn that the right thing to do is to vote for you. Everyone else will simply have some meaningless free time at work."

  • Cost: $2,000
  • Effects:
    • Decreases Productivity by 10%.
    • If active for at least 3 years all Loyalists will vote for you in the next election. Loyalists like megalomania edicts every 5 years.

Shoot Juanito

"Permanently shuts up the radio DJ. Guarantees no Rebels or Rebel attacks for the next 3 years, but will reduce the Intellectuals respect for this period"
"For the little cost of upsetting the intellectuals you can silence the crappy media forever and just enjoy how anyone with enough balls to rebel against the government will get a clear message and stay silent, tidy, and nice. Or, you may wish to issue this order simply because the radio lead is bugging you too much."

  • Requires: Relations with the Militarists faction must be 60+.
  • Cost: $2,000
  • Effects:
    • Permanently stops the Radio DJs from broadcasting (affects Juanito & Betty Boom too). Player can just as easily disable the radio broadcasts in settings, but the Loyalists won't get their megalomania edict fix.
    • Stops people from becoming Rebels and prevents Rebel attacks for the next 3 years.
    • Decreases the Intellectuals relations by 20 for 3 years. One-shot edict.


"Privatize all factories, mines, and logging camps. 10% of the proceeds will go to your Swiss Bank account and the private buildings will pay you annual rent."
"Tired of managing the national economy? In a desperate need of cash? Looking for a way to put some money on the side? Privatization is the answer! You can sell all factories, mines, and logging camps to foreign investors just by issuing this edict.
You will gain annual rental income plus tons of cash, based on the building cost of all privatized buildings. Capitalists will enjoy it, communists will hate it, but such is life."

  • Cost: $0
  • Effects:

Note: Buildings that have exhausted their resources are good candidates for the edict if other building types have not been completed.

Hola Presidente

"Start your own daily prime time TV show. Generates 100 bonus Megalomania score per year, but, since you will invariably offend someone, will greatly decrease the respect of a random faction each year while the edict is active"
"Have you ever wanted to be a TV Star? It is easy, if you are El Presidente! You can have your own show, without worrying about producers, costs, or audience. In prime time, of course.
Any faction might get upset for a time, only because not everyone can grasp your refined magnificent humor.
Some annual budget funding will be required, but it is a small price to pay to reveal the astonishing artist within."

  • Requires: TV Station
  • Cost: $1,000 (+$1,000 yearly)
  • Effects:
    • Grants +100 Megalomania Score each year the edict is active.
    • Greatly decreases the respect of a random Faction each year.