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Domestic Policy Edicts are your control or benevolence method; are you going to be a ruthless dictator or a soft-hearted presidential mentor.



"Rebels may return to their normal lives. They will do so only if the average happiness of all Tropicans has improved significantly since they became rebels"
"No wonder people build statues in tribute to your generosity, Presidente. You are ready to forgive even those pesky Rebels that took arms against you and invite them back to society. Keep in mind that your kind words may fall onto deaf years - the Rebels will consider returning only if the island conditions have improved significantly in the last few years."

  • Requires: Rebel, General and Militarists faction relations of 60+.
  • Cost: $500
  • Effects:
    • Rebels may return to their normal lives. This will happen only if Happiness Ratings have improved significantly (+???%(confirmation needed)) since they became rebels. (Usually immediate results, may have a time limit and Rebel skill seems to play a role, Rebel happiness factors seem frozen at the time of job assignment. Doesn't seem as simple as a percentage. May have to dive deeper into the Lua.)

Early Elections

"Elections will be held one year from now"
"Presidente, we are a democracy and that means that you have the right to order the people to vote for you at any time. If you schedule early elections when the people are in your favor perhaps you can win with less hassle than at a later time. Currently, the political analysts are predicting [variable] votes for you and [variable] votes for your opponent. Should we schedule the elections for 1 year from now?"

  • Cost: $2,000
  • Effects:
    • Offered with or without a 'Speech'; 'with Speech' can influence the election results.
    • An election will occur one year from the time the edict is put in place. (Democratic Expectation may increase 1 level, boosting US relations)
    • Cannot be re-issued for 36 months.


"[Decreases the chance for protests, uprisings, and coups. Increases rebel activity. Decreases Liberty and tourism. Tropicans will go to churches twice as often."
"Nobody expects the Tropican Inquisition! We will strongly encourage our citizens to confess their sins to our politically aware priests, so we always know the thoughts in their heads. This will reduce the chances for protests, uprisings, and coups, but will somewhat increase the rebel activity. Unfortunately our liberty and tourism ratings will suffer. Citizens will go to churches twice as often while this edict is active."

  • Requires: Cathedral & Religious faction relations of 60+.
  • Cost: $500
  • Effects:
    • Decreases the chance of protests, uprisings, and coups. (Threat level decreases possible.)
    • Increases Rebel activity. May inspire an attack, if they are not fearful of your forces.
    • Decreases Liberty and Tourism Ratings(-30%). Liberty decrease is somewhat offset by the required Cathedral(+~5 tends to be nulled after several months).
    • Tropicans go to Church/Cathedral twice as often. Not a good thing; Tropican schedule is pressed slightly, Religious facility patronage can clog the input queues.

Book BBQ

"50% of the Intellectuals drop out of the faction instantly. The chance for new citizens to be affiliated with the Intellectuals will be halved. Students gain education 50% slower."
"We must burn all those reactionary books that have been poisoning the minds of our people. That will show those egg-headed intellectuals that their kind is not welcome here. Half of the members of their faction will drop out instantly, and fewer new intellectuals will arrive on the island from now. It is better to have no progress at all than to progress in the wrong direction - students will gain graduate 50% slower because of all the burned textbooks. This edict can be canceled at any time."

  • Requires: Church
  • Cost: $500
  • Effects:
    • The Intellectuals faction instantly loses 50% of its supporters and the chance for immigrants with this leaning is halved for the duration it is active. Tends to reduce educated skilled workers(~50%).
    • Students education is 50% slower. Takes twice as long to become graduates(100% student skill).

Martial Law

"No elections will be held (except when the "Free Elections" condition is active). Decreases Crime. Decreases liberty, tourism rating and all production."
"Enforcing a martial law will greatly decrease crime in our country. Unfortunately, it will also decrease liberty, production, and tourism rating since soldiers enforcing the law tend to scare everyone. The best thing is that there will be no election while Martial Law is active, unless the OSCC is enforcing free elections on our island."

  • Requires: Militarists faction relations of 60+.
  • Cost: $5,000
  • Effects:
    • Increases Crime Safety(~+10%).
    • Decreases Liberty(~-10%), and Tourism Ratings(~50%).
    • Decreases all Production(-15%).
    • No elections will be held (unless "Free Elections" condition is active).
    • This is a way of canceling the 'Early Elections' edict. While a bit buggy, 'Early Elections' can be enacted after this and votes get tallied with the 'Elections' link appearing, usually.

Off to Florida!

"Expels all prisoners from the island. Lowers the respect of the US for 5 years."
"Do we really need all those useless prisoners, Presidente. I say, let us send them to Florida and forget about them once and for all. We can do this only one time and the relationship with the US will suffer a bit, but this is the humane way to deal with the problematic inmates."

  • Requires: At least one prisoner(Prison).
  • Cost: $3,000
  • Effects:
    • Expels all Prisoners from the island.
    • Decreases US relations(-10) for 5 years.

Papal Visit

"Raises the respect of everyone, especially the Religious Faction. Improves the service quality of Churches and Cathedrals for 3 years."
"Do I hear the honk of the popemobile? If we invite His Holiness, the Religious faction will be ecstatic for at least three years and the respect of all others will rise as well! Priests and bishops will be extra motivated to condemn all sin, so the quality of service in all our religious buildings will improve for the duration of the edict."

  • Requires: Cathedral & Religious faction relations of 60+.
  • Cost: $10,000
  • Effects:
    • Increases the faction relations of most citizens(+15 except Loyalists), especially the Religious(+30) faction for 3 years.
    • Increases quality of service in Churches and Cathedrals(~25%) for 3 years.


"Uneducated can be soldiers but will perform worse in battle than educated soldiers. People are more inclined to leave the country and become rebels."
"Uncle Pedro wants you! Conscription will allow uneducated Tropicans to become soldiers, even though their performance in battle will not be as good as the performance of professional soldiers. This is an unpopular measure that will increase rebel activity on the island and may force some people to try to leave the island."

  • Requires: Army Base
  • Cost: $2,500
  • Effects:
    • Allows Uneducated citizens to become Soldiers, though they will perform more poorly than High School educated Soldiers. (Courage stat seems to be modified differently, using education level which existed previously, just allows uneducated/grade school; which are modified at a lower %. May also affect uneducated/grade school experience/skill speed, slower rates.)
    • Increases the chances of people leaving the island or becoming Rebel.

Military Modernization

"Soldiers are more efficient in battle. Housing and Health Care that Army Bases provide will be significantly better."
"No longer will we fight our enemies with antiquated weaponry - it is time to modernize our army. This will significantly increase the combat efficiency of soldiers and generals and will also improve the housing and health care provided to them by army bases. This edict requires annual upkeep of $50 per soldier or general and can be canceled at any time."

  • Requires: Army Base
  • Cost: Yearly fee ($50/general and $500/Army Base). Bug: Doesn't display in the budget, but does seem to affect the bottom line.
  • Effects:
    • Makes Soldiers and Generals better in battles. (Courage seems to be modified at a higher %.)
    • Increases the Housing Quality and Health Care on Army Bases over time(up to 5 years for full benefits).

Secret Police

"Designate a building to be converted into Secret Police HQ. The Secret Police allows use of special actions and may prevent various subversive activities."
"Political investigators, agent provocateurs, and even assassins, if need be - the secret policemen are the men for every dirty job. And, of course, officially they do not exist. The Secret Police will counter subversive activities of foreign agents and rebels and allow various special actions. You will have to establish their HQ in an existing building that will cease its previous functionality."

  • Requires: Police Station
  • Cost: $4,000, plus extra wages and probable higher upkeep over time.
  • Effects:
    • Converts a building into a Secret Police HQ.
    • Allows Wiretapping edict and other special actions that prevent subversive activities. See Secret Police for details.