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For articles of the same name in other Tropico games, see Edicts.

Edicts are policies that improve various aspects of Tropico 3, some are used to improve living conditions for Tropicans while others will improve your Swiss Bank Account.


Main article: Edicts_(Tropico_3)/Social

Social policies work for the population to improve their standards of living. They don't normally have negative consequences but will cost money over time.

Foreign Policy

Main article: Edicts_(Tropico_3)/Foreign Policy

These edicts focus on how major powers view you. Increasing relations with one will likely decrease the other.


Main article: Edicts_(Tropico_3)/Economy

Economy Edicts typically improve your means of making money, whether by making Industry better or making your island more appealing to tourists.

Domestic Policy

Main article: Edicts_(Tropico_3)/Domestic Policy

Domestic Policy Edicts are your control or benevolence method; are you going to be a ruthless dictator or a soft-hearted presidential mentor.


Main article: Edicts_(Tropico_3)/Megalomania

Megalomania edicts were added in the Absolute Power expansion pack and encompass many different effects. For the egotistical ruler, more control and benevolence measures to flesh-out your style.